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FLchessplayer's Blog

    • 2014 LA State Championship

      The Louisiana State Championship was held at the Mariott Hotel in Baton Rouge, LA.  (7 rounds, swiss system. The time control - for all games - was "Game/SD in two hours," {120 minutes} plus the USCF standard of 05 seconds <delay> per move.... | Read More

    • Butting heads ... with other titled players.

      OK, a few weeks back ... I get both this message and an e-mail. (Probably the hater ---> D. Freeman - in drag.)  He says something like ... "You are such a loser, you ALWAYS lose when you play another titled player!"  Well, just for this pe... | Read More

    • A new look ... at a classic game of chess!

      Perhaps one of the greatest chess games of all time would have to be the classic (and well-known) game of:IM Donanld Byne - NM Robert J. Fischer;  ("The Game of The Century.") The Rosenwald Championship Tournament;New York City, NY/USA; 1956.  ... | Read More

    • A new web page ... ... ...

      http://www.ajschess.com/thegotmman/gotm_jan-2013.html A new web page ... on a great game of chess. (Below is the link for my video on this game.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zN_PochckKY&list=UUlbKcTnkP6cNXOnLygH_9Rw&index=1 | Read More

    • Obsession with a name ...

      http://www.chess.com/cheating?page=1 Here's an interesting question ... how many times does the combination of "melissa" and "princess" occur in this list??? | Read More

    • Patterns in chess ...

      See this game: http://www.chess.com/livechess/game?id=435859970.(It ends in a smothered mate.) Nothing special about it. However, I wanted to point out - especially for beginners and lower-rated players - that knowledge of the pre-existing patte... | Read More

    • Busted! (16 Jan. 2013)

      http://www.chess.com/livechess/game?id=434833622 A few days ago, I played - what I believed - to be a definite computer / engine user. (User "babyshamble" ... but without the quotation marks. See http://www.chess.com/cheating, to see this {former... | Read More

    • Bad stuff

      Sir, I have read and enjoyed your websites. Recently I was searching for information and I found an article on an unknown blog.  It seemed familiar.  Its your work.  http://hilmichess.blogspot.com/2008/02/memorise-few-gm-games.html This guy i... | Read More

    • Interesting games ... daily, from the CG website.

      Every day, there is a "POTD" (Problem of The Day); which is quite interesting. It starts with an easy problem on Monday, and runs all the way to insanely difficult problems on Sunday. I may not comment every day, but I thought I would start a bl... | Read More

    • A chess game that I played - here, on this site.

      http://www.ajschess.com/lifemasteraj/my_ol-game01.html   This is the web page ... where I analyze a three minute game that I played, here on this site. I analyzed the game, in the hope that the two major concepts, (mobile pawn center and the Bi... | Read More