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FLchessplayer's Blog

    • Tracking good articles!

      This is just a blog to track some of the excellent articles on this site, too many get "lost in the woods" or become hard to find after many months go by.  "Clash of Champions" Fischer vs. Spassky; (click here). | Read More

    • K+P endgames

      Click here.  (Fedor100 vs. FLchessplayer ... from an online tournament here on this server; the TC was "two-minute" plus 01 seconds of increment/delay that was added in.)  Most people underestimate a K+P endgame ...  Below are sites that have... | Read More

    • Spassky - Penrose, Palma, 1969.

      http://www.ajschess.com/lifemasteraj/spassky-penrose_palma1969.html One of the prettiest games Spassky ever played. (It did not win the brilliancy prize, but did share a "best-played game" prize.) It is also carefully annotated in the book: "The ... | Read More

    • Lessons for my students

      In this blog, (in the comments - below); I will be posting my games ... trying to impart some chess wisdom to my students. These will be from any source, and the main idea(s) will be fairly simple.  | Read More

    • 2014 LA State Championship

      The Louisiana State Championship was held at the Mariott Hotel in Baton Rouge, LA.  (7 rounds, swiss system. The time control - for all games - was "Game/SD in two hours," {120 minutes} plus the USCF standard of 05 seconds <delay> per move.... | Read More

    • Butting heads ... with other titled players.

      OK, a few weeks back ... I get both this message and an e-mail. (Probably the hater ---> D. Freeman - in drag.)  He says something like ... "You are such a loser, you ALWAYS lose when you play another titled player!"  Well, just for this pe... | Read More

    • A new look ... at a classic game of chess!

      Perhaps one of the greatest chess games of all time would have to be the classic (and well-known) game of:IM Donanld Byne - NM Robert J. Fischer;  ("The Game of The Century.") The Rosenwald Championship Tournament;New York City, NY/USA; 1956.  ... | Read More

    • A new web page ... ... ...

      http://www.ajschess.com/thegotmman/gotm_jan-2013.html A new web page ... on a great game of chess. (Below is the link for my video on this game.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zN_PochckKY&list=UUlbKcTnkP6cNXOnLygH_9Rw&index=1 | Read More

    • Obsession with a name ...

      http://www.chess.com/cheating?page=1 Here's an interesting question ... how many times does the combination of "melissa" and "princess" occur in this list??? | Read More

    • Patterns in chess ...

      See this game: http://www.chess.com/livechess/game?id=435859970.(It ends in a smothered mate.) Nothing special about it. However, I wanted to point out - especially for beginners and lower-rated players - that knowledge of the pre-existing patte... | Read More