3 Common Misconceptions in the French Defense (+ Bonus Game!)

3 Common Misconceptions in the French Defense (+ Bonus Game!)

CM Chessdemon2019

Hello everyone!

My school droughts are becoming frequent, and making a video requires hard work. If you are reading this blog right now, that already counts as support!

I'm continuing on my coverage of the French Defense because it is such a big opening. Today I will be sharing 3 misconceptions about it. One of them is a viewpoint, and 2 of them openings. I won't cover anything more in this blog, so take your time to watch this video! (If you can't, that's ok too )

This video was slightly longer than before. Reason is that I try my best to keep it into the 15-minute range, but because I love you guys I made it longer and squished in more content. While I'm at it, here are a few links you can click to support me!

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