My SCC GP (Titled Tuesday) Run (21/7/2020)

My SCC GP (Titled Tuesday) Run (21/7/2020)

CM Chessdemon2019

Hello Titled Tuesday Fans!

This is my second Titled Tuesday coverage. If you want to check out my previous Titled Tuesday run you can click on this link

(I've told myself NEVER to write Speed Chess Championship Grand Prix, oh wait I just did so wink.png).

Anyway, let us get going.

Round 1: Me vs @Mazetovic

I had a 96.7 accuracy, while my GM opponent had an accuracy of 96.0! High accuracy game, well played by both of us, but I got the win wink.png.

Round 2: Me vs @Aki_2001

My opponent just got severely punished by his lack of opening knowledge (in my opinion) and never had many good chances. 2/2 for a start in Titled Tuesday, amazing score .

Round 3: Me vs @bascheyaro

I got severely punished by my opponent in this game, and although I had a win, I didn't find, and was completely destroyed .

Round 4: Me vs @Ginger_GM (Yeah, Simon Williams. You probably know him )

So I ran into @Ginger_GM, an extremely famous player that you might know already. I was a big fan of Simon Williams and have bought his series on "The Killer Dutch" which helped me develop a keen sense of dynamics with 1.d4. He has been a big help in my chess career, and playing and drawing him makes me feel very good .

Round 5-7

These are a few games where I am leaving out analysis just because my opponents played way too well (Round 5-6) and me (Round 7). Have a look at them and hope you enjoy them, as I won't be making much analysis.

Round 8: Me vs @iaraldinho

I annihilated my opponent, with 92.5 accuracy, while my opponent did have a 90.7. I was just that my opponent was not winning at any time.

Round 9: Me vs @BlackBoarder

Ok, so I just played my longest tournament game on And my first 50-move rule game. Hope you enjoyed it .

Round 10: Me vs @JesseKraai

So that loss wrapped up my Titled Tuesday, with an overall 5/10 score!!

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Thanks for Reading!!

CM Chessdemon2019