My Titled Tuesday Run (That Did Not Really Happen)
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My Titled Tuesday Run (That Did Not Really Happen)

CM Chessdemon2019

Hello chess friends! I haven't posted anything in 2 weeks, so I hope this gives you some knowledge . This past Titled Tuesday was one of my best Titled Tuesdays I have ever played in, and I wanted to share with you my games, as well as my luck and what happened in the end.

I started off feeling extremely confident, even though I was about 600th out of 800 players in the TT on May 26. Then I met my first opponent, an IM who was 2500.

I got extremely lucky in this game, but I also played a 97.9 accuracy game, something I am almost never able to. When I said my Titled Tuesday run, I meant playing extremely well.

Round 2 was a draw against a 2600 FM.

This game was quite low-quality, where my opponent only had 82 accuracy, when I had 87.9. 1.5/2 now, extremely good for me.

Round 3 was a win against a 2600 GM!

My opponent played a disastrous 58.8 accuracy. I only got 74.5. My nerves were breaking down as I had 2.5/3 already!! I also took a snapshot of this moment.

That is a moment to remember for me .

Round 4 was my first loss against a 2700 IM.

I played a disastrous 65.5 accuracy. My opponent had a 92.6. My opponent was just way too strong for me .

Round 5 got my confidence up again however, with a win against an almost 2600 FM.

I got an extremely good 98.2 accuracy, and my opponent also had 96.1. 3.5/5 I thought would be my best score so far. However, luck wasn't done with me just yet .

4.5/6! Not many 2300s can even get 50%, much less a +3 score! However, now luck was really done with me.

Now my Titled Tuesday Run was finished. Referring to the title, my luck disappeared, and my last 4 games were absolutely miserable.  an amazing 4.5/6 turned into an average 4.5/10

Thanks for reading!!

CM Chessdemon2019

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