My SCC GP (Titled Tuesday) Run (14/7/2020)

My SCC GP (Titled Tuesday) Run (14/7/2020)

CM Chessdemon2019

Hello Speed Chess Championship Grand Prix fans!! (Why such a long name?)

Anyway, I have decided to make a coverage of Titled Tuesday (It sounds better) every week whenever I play it, no matter how well or badly I did. This week, I did extremely well for my level. (I know the differences between Titled Tuesday and SCC GP, but still )

I will analyse a few of my games and hope that maybe you can learn something from them too. Ok here I go!

Round 1: Me vs GM @attack2mateU

I played this somewhat amazing and somewhat disastrous against Canadian GM Razvan Preotu, a player that I looked above to as a young kid. I almost won, but I was beat by the clock. Tough start.

Round 2: Me vs @Nellija99

Although my opponent was titled, she was also only 1800 in blitz. However, her FIDE rating is quite high at 1833, and she has been an arbiter in Latvia for some time. Good work from her.

Still this game showed a few of my flaws, I wasn't playing too well. Until this game.

Round 3: Me vs @Nf3c5

That game was one of the best games I have played in a long time, with a 96.5 accuracy and never gave my opponent an advantage. That game lifted my spirits and allowed me to continue on. I was 2/3 and on an extremely good streak, considering that I was winning in Game 1.

Round 4: Me vs @Mr_Sinigami

3/4 for me!! It was my best result so far, and I felt extremely confident. It is an extremely good result, even if I didn't fully deserve the wins. Next game was against my strongest opponent, and I was winning but backfired.

Round 5: Me vs @BakaPG

I still managed a draw, but just look at how many chances I had? I really hope that you laughed at that game, as it was the end of my streak.

Round 6: Me vs @NikolaGry

I can't really explain what I did in the game above (using words at least). I played horribly and my opponent had a 96.5 accuracy against me that game. Tough.

Round 7: Me vs @pedromartinez91

When 96.5 wasn't enough I got hammered with a 98.1 accuracy. Tough luck, but also because the field I was playing against was becoming stronger.

Round 8: Me vs @LilRag

Although I had a 92.1 accuracy, significantly higher than before, this still made my position horrible and I lost 3 times in a row. But unlike last time, I wasn't going to give up, and I started off beating someone lower rated than me.

Round 9: Me vs @poppy73

A 94.3 accuracy game with no inaccuracies after I played Na5, the key move in that game. After that, it was quite easy to defeat my much lower rated opponent. Final game, however, was 99.9% luck.

Round 10: Me vs @Sergey85Rodchenkov

As you can see, that was one crazy game to finish off Titled Tuesday!

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Thanks for Reading!!

CM Chessdemon2019