My SCC GP (Titled Tuesday) Run (28/7/2020)

My SCC GP (Titled Tuesday) Run (28/7/2020)

CM Chessdemon2019

Hello crash-hating players!!

As you probably know if you were watching the SCC GP, it had to be canceled in Rd.4 due to a crash. But that doesn't stop me from sharing my games with you guys. Hope you enjoy them!!

Round 1: Me vs @ENajer77

You may wonder why I barely made any analysis. It was because this is a game where I lost with a highest possible accuracy (for me at least). I had a 95.3 accuracy, but my GM opponent had 98.9. Tough luck.

Round 2: Me vs @annacramling

This chaotic game will be one which I will do a video analysis on. Hope you enjoyed all the chaos, because my accuracy was only 35.2!! (My opponent's was higher at 52.9 )

Round 3: Me vs @Sekar24

As you can see, that was an interesting game, though my accuracy was extremely high at 97.4. I did miss that mate-in-2 that some of you may have seen. Good job if you found it!

Round 4: Me vs @Skatchkov_V

I was annihilated by a 99.1 accuracy from my opponent, something that I wished I hadn't suffered from.

There were the only 4 games from this week's Titled Tuesday. Hope that you may have learned a thing or two from my games!! Make sure to follow me so you won't miss my video coverage on Round 2!!

Thanks for Reading!!