Titled Players and Their Thoughts

Titled Players and Their Thoughts

CM Chessdemon2019

Think about the first thought that comes to mind whenever you play a game of chess. Any thought has meaning into how you look at the game of chess. A titled player could think a game of chess is for fun, or maybe they play chess for a living. 

Other players do both. The best players in the world believe that chess is the best game in the world, where they play it for fun and for a living. This is something a beginner could never imagine. Most beginners still treat chess like a game with no meaning, when titled players see more into chess than just a game.

Just take a look at the chessboard.

Every piece on the chessboard has its own unique beauty.  The iconic symmetry of the rooks. The circular head of the pawns. The posture of the knights. The missing piece of the bishop's symmetry that makes it look like a mouth. The tall king and queen.

When we try to guess a player's thoughts, just remember the beauty of chess and play your best. Not all board games require 3-5 hours just to play one tournament game! Chess is part of you just like you are a part of chess. You are one of the amazing players that has played chess and enjoyed it.

There is a hidden beauty in chess that makes people want to play it. It could very well be one reason why chess is such a popular game. Over 600 million people play it, and this wonderful game is growing popularity every day. Even on a virtual board

we are able to see and recognize every piece, titled players even more so. All of the pieces are completely different shapes, yet chess's beauty allows us to recognize every piece extremely quickly. Chess is a beautiful game, and every titled player, from CM to GM, will tell you that it is absolutely amazing. Any top player like Magnus Carlsen, or a player just above the titled level, like me, will explain and convince you to continue to play chess. I've played many Grandmasters, and they think differently than I do. This is something that explains how to appeal to chess as a game, or as a sport, or as something that we do for a living. Here are a few of my games against GM's in 3+2 .

I played this game as black against a GM recently (not inputting name) 1-0
I played this game as black against a GM two years ago 1-0
I drew this game as white against a GM recently 1/2-1/2
Finally, I beat a GM as white recently with 97.3% accuracy 1-0
To all my games, my thoughts were to play my best, and every time I played a GM, I played better than before until I finally broke out and won against my first GM. My thoughts allowed me to play better and better until I won!
To anyone that has read this, if you are titled, take some time and think about how much effort you've put into chess and the beauty of it. If you are not titled, maybe take some time and think about your path to becoming a strong player, to become better and better as your thoughts guide you through the maze of becoming a strong player. It is a long road, but it does have an end.
Chess is a game that many people can learn about. Chess itself contains many hidden philosophies and art. It is a well-rounded game, sport or something that passes the eye. I hope this blog really opens your mind to what chess really contains and why everyone should play it!
Thanks for reading!
CM Chessdemon2019