Extremely Subtle and Strong Line Against the Chekhover Variation!!!
How DO you outsmart your Qxd4 opponent? Check the video to find out.

Extremely Subtle and Strong Line Against the Chekhover Variation!!!

CM Chessdemon2019

Hello Sicilianers!

If you play the Sicilian as black and hate playing against the Chekhover (4.Qxd4) line, you are in the perfect place!

As a promised in my last video, today I will be sharing one of my repertoires against the Chekhover. I double-checked it with my computer and verified it to be extremely successful. Check it out!!

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Here is the video. Hope you have success against Qxd4!!

Watched the video? Good.

If you payed attention, I shared an extremely subtle endgame line against the Chekhover, something that Chekhover players hate playing in. If endgames aren't your strength or if you are extremely weak in them, but want to improve, you can accept me as your coach!

Why am I a good coach?

- I am the youngest chess.com coach, and can relate easily with students my age

- I already have 3 years of coaching experience

- Endgames is my specialty. I have had 2 students who I taught strictly on endgames, and their ratings soared (although they slowed down after that )

- I can only accept up to 3 students (unless groups lessons, then I can do more) so I will focus more on each one of you.

If coaching is something you don't need, you can always check out my website here: www.sites.google/view/chessdemon2019 (I can't get domain permission yet )

Thanks for Reading!

CM Chessdemon2019