Sicilian Grand Prix Attack Refuted!! (Video)

Sicilian Grand Prix Attack Refuted!! (Video)

CM Chessdemon2019

Hey everyone! Finally found some time for my channel!

Ok, most of you guys probably already forgot about me, but I'm back! After 2 weeks of busy times, I have finally found some time to squeeze in a video.

This video is about the Sicilian: Grand Prix Attack. It would probably be very good use to most Sicilian players out there. So come and watch! Here is the video to everyone interested, because that is what my blog is mostly about these days .

And if you thought I was talking too fast (intentional) here is the PGN analysis (not annotated) for you to see. It has all the info, plus a few extra here and there misses and turns. Once you watch the video, checking out the diagram below for yourself could strengthen your skills.

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Thanks for Reading!!

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