How to Play a Proper Endgame in Blitz #4: Rook Endgames: Part 2

How to Play a Proper Endgame in Blitz #4: Rook Endgames: Part 2

CM Chessdemon2019

(This is a continuation of How to Play a Proper Endgame in Blitz #4: Rook Endgames: Part 1. Check it out if you have not yet)

Hello again endgame learners! This article will be mostly about key positions that have been analysed in the past and are extremely famous. You most likely know these positions and their results, so I will be focusing on going in depth.

Part 1 explained how to play a good rook endgame against your opponents. In part 2, I will be talking about key positions so when you encounter such a position, you will play correctly!

Philidor Position (Draw)

This is the Philidor Position. It is Black's easiest way to draw. Many of you reading know about this position already, it is one of the first positions you've ever learned about rook endgames. In an actual game, however, not many defenders actually try and get to this position, which is extremely weird. We want to get into the best position possible.

This is how black draws and how easy it is (most of you should know)

Lucena's Position (Win)

This is Lucena's position, where white is able to get his pawn to the seventh rank and is just about to promote. Most of you know this still, and white is able to win by playing a rook lift. Note that the pawn does not have to be an f-pawn, it could be any pawn but a rooks pawn.

Surprisingly, most attackers remember this position and play with it while most defenders completely forget about Philidor's position. This is extremely strange considering that they are both equally famous. For now, you should take a look at some harder positions that are extremely common as well. These are positions that are quite common and should be memorized.

Short Side Defense

Back Rank Defense

Cutoff (File)

The cutoff along the file is a deadly weapon that is extremely common in the rook endgame. If the side with the pawn is able to get his pawn above the middle of the board, they will win. It is almost impossible to simplify (calculation is still needed) so white usually wins.

Cutoff (Rank)

If the attacking side achieves a cutoff across a rank, the defending side almost always loses because simplification never works and the rook defends the attacking pawn, thus winning easily. But like all rook endgames, calculation is needed.

These are the most basic yet most important rook endgame positions you should know. With these 6 positions and how to play them, you should be able to outblitz your opponent. Now, here is a little treat that requires calculation .

Thanks for reading!

CM Chessdemon2019

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