How to Win With Insufficient Material? This is Not a Trick Question!
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How to Win With Insufficient Material? This is Not a Trick Question!

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Ok, back to the main topic:

This position is the basis of most "insufficient material wins." White would've had insufficient material if black didn't have his pawn, but black did, and so this position is checkmate. Here is an example of a quick tactic.

Pretty straight forward to play actually. However, this mate is so rare it has its own name, the Impossible Mate, which I think should be renamed . What do you think?

Anyway, the Impossible Mate is not the only insufficient material mate there is. There are many beautiful bishop mate studies too. Here is one.

As you can see, even 5 bishops is considered insufficient material, even though there is an easy mate if calculated. Nothing is impossible when you compare it to insufficient material mates.

There are many other examples of mates, but the most iconic one and most famous is the 2 knights vs pawn mate.

As you can see, it is extremely hard to win with 2 knights against the pawn, as you need to be aware of insufficient material, but otherwise its the same beauty. Once you master it, you can play it out easily . (I did not use an engine for any calculations above)

Finally, to conclude the beauty of winning the impossible game, there can literally be a insufficient material win, when allows you to win in variants!!

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