King of The Hill? Then I Win!! But it is a Standard Chess Game...

King of The Hill? Then I Win!! But it is a Standard Chess Game...

CM Chessdemon2019

Hello friends! Today I will be sharing a few of my recent games which I won that looked absolutely impossible, but I always do the impossible . Speaking of being impossible, when I thought my club would not hit 100 members, I was wrong, it is almost at 400! So feel free to join to support me! Now, here is a game where I was down a pawn in a pawn endgame!! And I somehow won.

According to my own post How to Play a Proper Endgame in Blitz: #1 Pawn Endgames white has a passed pawn, has more time, and should win easily. But somehow I'm able to turn this position around with 5 seconds left on the clock!

You may be wondering why my title says something related to King of The Hill. It is because of this game, where my king was on e5 in the middlegame!! But I still won...

Finally, the last game shown below was one of my games where it should have been a draw, but I trusted my calculations and went for the win, and it payed off! Like I said above, the mating idea below is almost impossible to play in practice, but I just so happened to stumble into it.

I will be sharing more of my impossible wins when I get them in the future, but for now I just want all of you to see the beauty in the last game. I will be sharing many beautiful aspects of the chess game (like I did before), and I will be diving into opening theory, like sharing some of my analysis that I would recommend to beginners and players my level! Hope you enjoyed my games!

Thanks for reading!

CM Chessdemon2019

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