Twitch Viewer Analysis on Saturday!

Twitch Viewer Analysis on Saturday!

CM Chessdemon2019

Alright finally had the time to blog this out!

Some of you may know, but I have started streaming! Many people have requested this throughout my blogs. is my twitch channel. I'm already at 50 followers but I've only streamed for 4 days ! (I do stream Among Us too)

I will be giving analyses and tips to improve on my twitch channel, which will take place this Saturday at 3:00 PM EST (21/11/2020). This applies to everyone.

For me to analyse your games, just insert your game or game's link in the comments below. And also follow my twitch channel, or I won't be able to see you chatting about your thoughts during your gameplay, and thus won't be able to analyse your games. I will be analysing up to 10 games and will stream for the duration accordingly. All strength level games are welcomed. You do need to state your twitch account in the comments so that I can see you when needed.

Also, I'm analysing games for everyone to see, so there's a good chance that one of you may learn something from someone else's game.

Lastly, please join my fan club here if you've followed my twitch or subscribed to my youtube channels. That way you will not miss my next stream/video ! The links are on the pictures below!

Thanks for Reading!!

The Chess Maniac

(P.S Big thanks for mods for making the Chess Federation of Canada an official club )

I'll see you on Saturday!