Feature Announcement: Mastery Chess Lessons Are Here
Improve your chess with lessons on strategy, endgame, openings and more!

Feature Announcement: Mastery Chess Lessons Are Here‎

NM SamCopeland
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Chess.com is thrilled to announce the release of our "Mastery" series of chess lessons.

On New Year's Day 2019, we released an update to Chess.com/lessons, providing over 130 videos with interactive challenge questions to help players advance from the beginner level to the level of a 1200 player. With the release of mastery, we are expanding our lessons to cover numerous topics for intermediate up to advanced-level players.

The Mastery lessons are broken up into seven categories: Openings, Strategy, Tactics, Endgames, Attacking, Master Games and Miscellaneous. While the other sections in lessons were meant to be more linear (from New to Chess through Advanced), Mastery is meant to be more self-guided based on the interests, strengths and weaknesses of each player.

Inside each Mastery category, you will find a range of courses to choose from.

Chess.com lessons in action!

Mastery lessons come from three different sources:

  • NEW: We are working on adding new, original content to Mastery prepared by the best teachers, coaches and players.
  • VIDEOS: We are taking our most popular videos (from the videos section of Chess.com) and putting them into courses with challenges!
  • MENTOR/OLD: Most of the old Chess Mentor lessons have been ported over to Mastery. While these do not have videos, they do have challenges.

The Mastery section will be ever-expanding as we work with more video and content authors to create new material and port existing video series into our lessons format.

All Mastery lessons are unlocked with a membership.

Check out these existing topics in Mastery:






Master Games:


Do you have particular themes and topics you want to see covered in Mastery? Let us know in the comments.

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