Neither Here nor There

   Hey everyone!

   It's time to kick to is blog back up into something resembling a worthy-to-read blog here on I'm going back to the more personal way of doing things while not worrying so much about Group recaps since there aren't that many shows these days that I can or know how to recap. Pardon our Blunders is still bi-weekly, but other shows like Your Games Analyzed or The BIG Show will only happen from time to time now.

   So here I am again, going back to my roots, so to speak, and I really don't know what I am going to focus on. It could be a chess news event, a personal blog about chess, or basically whatever I feel like I need to say. Other than that, let's roll.

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      [Blog History]      As many of you know, the FIDE World Chess Championship Candidates Tournament will be held in London on March 13th-31st, will be a DRR event and I am itching to talk about it!      Since the ending of the London Chess ... | Read More

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