2000 in blitz!

Sep 3, 2016, 8:12 PM |

I cam home at 2pm today, and I decided that I would finally make the final attempt to reach 2000 in blitz on chess.com. And I was 1989 right now. I mean, how hard could getting 11 points, or 2 wins, be? 

The answer turned out to be, very hard! The first game proved me that pretty well!

That was of course pretty discouraging. I figured that maybe playing the RAR attack (an early f5) was not the way to reach 2000. 

That didn't mean that my results got better. Over the next 7 games my record was a terrible 3-4. But at least I got in one nice game with a funny ending.

But most of the games didn't go well, and I ended up with a rating of 1967, not too good. And I had to leave to church in just an hour! So I had to do it soon, or else I would have to wait for another day until I reached 2000.

That was an encouraging win, since I was down a pawn but completely outplayed the guy, who was 2050.. But could I keep it up? 

This helped my confidence. It helped me realize how bad my opponents were. Of course, I was just as bad unfortunately. The next game wasn't my best, as I clearly didn't know how to play a King's Indian. 

But it seemed to be  that I was finally on my way to 2000! Even when I'm losing I win! Well, not so fast!

This is what I mean by a crazy attack in the Caro Kann. It really shouldn't work, but it was a surprise weapon! 

That was annoying! How could I lose to such a bad opening like that?I was undoubtfully discouraged, but if I wanted to win I needed a fighter's mentality, and had to simply play the most challenging moves (Playing the best moves doesn't matter in blitz)

But the next game was won to a little bit of luck also.

This, dear reader, is why I would rather have good luck than good skill! Look at all these games, and see that if I didn't have good luck that I'd be 1600!

Anyways, my luck continued. If you're down a piece, don't resign! Your opponents are terrible, just like you! (Will my view count finally go down after I keep making fun of the reader?)

This game reinforced the point that I'm terrible, but also reinforced the point that they're terrible! After this game I was 1999! A record high. Should I try to reach 2000, or not? After a few minutes I decided to got for it.

As is usually the case in important games, I played badly. 

So there you have it! How to reach 2000. Play terribly, but just a little bit less terribly than your opponents!

Note, my next blog on the FIDE Invitational should come out soon. I was going to publish it a few days ago, but it wasn't funny enough (like this one). The final product won't be that great, but hopefully better than this one!