A RookSacrifice and more sacrifices: Cteamrolling Interlake C King County Chess League Round 6

NM Joseph_Truelson

Proababably a bad pun. But it was fun to win. But, like always, "the road to victory was not easy". Read any chess article and you'll agree. the list of reasons follws after that phrase. So here is why we had a hard time winning: Our board 3, Aeden Tien, rated 1200 did not show up. That put our board 4, Kyle Yu, with only 850 as a rating, on board 3. Board 4, usually board five, was Alex Kaelin, rated 800. And the problem was that on board 5 we had a 700, because our higher rated players weren't there.

Also, we had to play the match at their school. It wasn't fair, because they resheduled the matches to have them at their school, and our home games get more people. But oh well. Enough lamenting.

To be more like the usual chess article, I'll post a puzzle to solve...

Actually though, it was a pretty fun game, one of my favorite games i've ever played. Heres the whole game, and one more tactic right before that...
And the full game:
We lost on boards 3 and 5, but with wins on boards 2 and 4, we won the match! It turns out because of this victory, we will be competing with 7 other teams to get to the WA State Competition. 5 of the 8 teams will go. So... Hopefully me and my team plays well!