Winning the SCC July Quads: Rounds 2-3

NM Joseph_Truelson

After my win against Trevor Jung, there was a small break. After immature activities like pushing kids around in swivel chairs (They wanted me to!), I had to play the other player who who won their first game, Ahmet Gurcan. Unfortunately, unlike my other opponents I know nothing about my opponent. But I can use the US Chess player lookup to see his accompishments.

My opponent, the talented Ahment Gurcan, has only played 9 (11 after this event, he beat Stephen Buck and didn't play the last round) rated chess games. But in his first tournament he won in an U1700 section and he has a rating of 1748. Which meant that he was a completely unknown character. He had to be good, but how good? (Actually, I didn't know any of this information except his rating, I didn't look at the Internet during the tounrnament). With all of this unknown, let us plunge into another Caro Kann, which I decided to play because Jeremy Silman thinks that it is good and Sammy does great with it:


The last round I had a surprisingly easy game after my opponent Stephen Buck blundered. I played his own opening against him, and he was probably tired because it was getting late. In last round encounters I have made quite a few blunders, so I made sure not to do so this game. Luckily I didn't.

So I won my quad with 3/3, ahead of Trevor Jung, who finished second with 2/3. I won a $9 discount to a future quad as a prize, but the entry fee was $16. 

The rating estimator said that my new rating will be 1845, a new personal best. 

UPDATE: My rating is now 1847, results here:

In the future I'm looking forward to play in some one day events, the Seafair (July 23-24), the Washington International (in Rockville, Maryland) (August 13-17) and a FIDE Inivitational Roundrobin (August 26-30), that will hopefully actually be FIDE rated, unlike the other one that I went to (Which wasn't FIDE rated for an unknown reason).