Mukilteo Free Rapid Quads #1

NM Joseph_Truelson

It was very nice of Travis Olson to run a free chess tournament for us, (it was rated!). It was at the Mukilteo Library, and attracted 10 players. It was a quad format, and at first my quad was to have David Bragg (2200-2202), Travis Olson (1832-1845), Addison Lee (1766-1742) and Joseph Truelson (Me!) (1608-1625). 

I got to play Travis Olson in the first round, and got an exchange on him. But after a great move, I resigned, being forced to give up my queen. 

In Round 2, I beat Addison Lee, as he played a poor game. In the last round, I played an even poorer game against the master, who went 3-0. Travis Olson got 2-0 in the section, Me and Addision Lee had 1-2, and Ralph Anthony (0-1) and Eamon Thakur (0-2) joined the quad later. It was an enjoyable tournament, and it was kind of cool that it was in a library. Too bad I couldn't post the games; I lost them. I am going to play there again next Sunday. If you live in the area, you should come too, as it is free and USCF Regular and Quick Rated! Hre is the crosstable of the event: