Washington Scholastic with my own pictures!

Washington Scholastic with my own pictures!

NM Joseph_Truelson

The Washington Scholastic, like every chess tournament I go to, was a memorable event. Also, like all my recent events, I took pictures! Unfortunately, on the main days, Sunday and Monday, of the event, I surprisingly got my iPad locked in my trunk. In fact, I didn't get it back for two weeks because the trunk was jammed! Pretty terrible, and also unlucky for all the chess players who wanted (or didn't want) to be recorded.

Lots of people came to the event. Chouchan and her two kids, Varuzhan and Angela, were very nice people who I had to pleasure to talk to during the event. Although none of them did very well at the event, they were in an upbeat mood. I saw so many people! I talked to dozens of "chess buddies" without even knowing their names! 

Finally, when the event started an easy win should have been expected in round 1, but nope!

Here is my oponnent, rated 900, but with an opening trap. 


After this game, I felt like I was terrible. Clearly, I needed to conentrate on my games, and always think in the opening. All the obvious things that I never fail to do. Fortunately, with all lower rated players, rounds 2-4 were easy victories. And playing around between the rounds was even more fun:

2 of my opponents, the one in the back is Graham Cobden and the other is a Narula brother (not sure which one, I played both of them!)

 A nice young fellow who played up, scored a few upsets, and broke 1700! I chased him around on video, but chess.com does not let you have videos straight from the iPad (or I can't do it)

This young buddy tried to escape my camera, attempting to hide under the table, but it didn't work. Still, he was laughing the whole time, so it appears that he has fun running away from a camera. 

This player was lucky enough to beat my Nadjorf/Dragon in a quad not too long ago. 

A picture of the playing hall for the main event

One player (my fourth round opponent) notably used his chess pieces with an odd looking chess board to help players play chess between rounds:


Round 5 came, and I unfortunately had to conjure another lucky win. 

Some pretty bad play! I really did not deserve 5/5, but... I always get lucky (See my other games for good examples)

The awards ceremony (like always) was a great time, but it was also kind of sad to say goodbye to my newfound friends, most of which were not playing in the main event. But, I had a good time, and at least I will see them at another event in a few months!  

These buddies finished 2nd-4th in my section and were very fun to play bughouse and talk to.

Looks like somebuddy is trying to look crazy for the camera! 

Some more winners, from the 4-6 Open 

A mom blocks the camera so I can't see the kid's face! Very funny! 

And there concludes a great fun G/30 event! Congrats to all winners, and thanks for being nice enough to talk to me buddies!

Thanks for wasting your time to read this 14,000 word (A picture is a thousand words!) blog! 

When summer is here I can go over my main event games (That only I have a desire in seeing)