RAR Match update: Exclusive Interview with RookSacrifice Part 1

RAR Match update: Exclusive Interview with RookSacrifice Part 1

NM Joseph_Truelson

[Picture taken from somewhere online. Who knows where. Search up "RookSacrifice" in Google and look in the images, and you will find it. But that's besides the point. At least I think so. Sorry, I shouldn't be hogging all the attention, and instead I will let my boss, Joseph_Truelson, post his amazing content] -editor

 Hello everybuddy! The RAR match is on, and today we will be sharing information about RookSacrifice. This includes information about his life, done in an interview online on the 21st, the darkest day of the year. Not surprisingly, the interview was also quite dark. We also hope to have an interview with Samuel Deng, but that will have to be done in person, since when he is on the computer he is RookSacrifice. 

Initially, RookSacrifice was not ready for an interview. He was too scared of the mass media coverage, and disguised this by saying that he didn't want an interview unless I didn't edit it. So I had to do the thing I dreaded most, agree not to edit what he said, except for slight grammatical errors. Terrible, isn't it! Either way, I won't let us spoil the fun. Each one of the questions will have two answers: What he actually said, and what he wanted to say.

With further adieu, let's get started!

Further adieu: Have you ever taken a flight on United Airlines? I hope not, because they give the worst service! Find out why here: Joseph Truelson reveals the truth behind the evil United Airlines- From the Anti-United Airlines League.

By the way, I did ask all the questions, in case you were surprised at how interesting/boring they were. There were so many questions that only the first 15 could be posted today. Another time I will post the other questions.

Question #1: So... when did you start playing chess? No less than 100 words

RookSacrifice: I started chess a long time ago. [Notice how he didn't use 100 words-editor]

What he meant to say: Thanks for asking me that question Joseph. Let me ponder in depth in what to say to that question. I am 15 years old, at least I think so, and I have been playing chess a long time. In order to waste more words, I have been playing a REALLY long time. How long, one might ask? (It's 63 words, including these ones). I would say, um, ah, ummm, since I was 5. It was an amazing experience. The chess board that I had been using to smash everything in my room suddenly became something I could devote my whole life to. That's over 100 words

Question #2: Why do you play chess?

RookSacrifice: Because it's challenging.

What he meant to say: I'm not actually that sure why I play chess. Chess is a game, and I found myself with too much free time. Determined not to waste it like other people by playing video games, I found a better way to waste my life, on chess! Then again, everything is a waste of time.

Question #3: Where do you play chess?

RookSacrifice: Everywhere

What he meant to say: Let me elaborate on that. Everywhere I go, I think of chess. I am always playing at least 10 games against myself simultaneously in order to get better. Whether I'm at home, or in school, in the car, when I am talking to all of you people reading this, I always am playing chess, inside my brain. So maybe I only play chess inside my brain. In reality, I am not playing, but I think that I am playing.

Question #4: When do you play chess?

RookSacrifice: All the time.

What he meant to say: Every single moment of my life since the age of 12 has been spent playing chess. My brain will never ever stop thinking of chess. So I always play chess against myself. Then of course, while playing myself in my brain, I am also playing blitz and bullet chess right here on chess.com. This will often lead to me playing bad chess games, as can be seen in all of my unrated bullet games. Sometimes, I will even play in an actual chess tournament. Then I am playing so many games in my head that I can't count the number.

Question #5: What is your favorite thing about chess?

RookSacrifice: You cannot cheat!

What he meant to say: First and foremost, it is plain obvious that you can cheat in chess, so let's disregard anything that I say. My favorite thing about chess is the people that I meet. Specifically Joseph_Truelson. Every time I go to a chess tournament I wait in anticipation to see if he will be there. Not surprisingly, when he isn't there, I have a horrible time.

Question #6: Who is your favorite chess player?

RookSacrifice: My favorite player is Karpov. 

What he meant to say: In all honesty (I wish I could be honest!), my favorite chess player is me. I feel like many others feel the same way, and yet are ashamed to admit it. I love myself. I try to play in the style of Karpov, but it never works. But I always succeed in playing in the style of me! 

I'm loving this interview! I hope it never ever ends! Next question!

Question #7: Who is your least favorite chess player BESIDES me?

RookSacrifice: I don't know

What he meant to say: Actually, I sure do know! My least favorite chess player beside me is Anshul Ahluwalia, because he has a 3/4 record against me, better than anyone else. That is my least favorite chess player, one who beats me.

Question #8: Why do you like positional chess?

(Long pause)


RookSacrifice: I am trying to give good answers. 

Positional chess does not allow you to worry about tactics.

What he meant to say: The real me is NOT giving good answers. I hate positional chess! I would way rather go for checkmate! However, I want to make myself seem more mature and a player with extra understanding of chess, so I say that I like positional chess. In reality, it is hard to find stuff that is more boring than positional chess. 

Question #9: What is your favorite area of chess? Openings, middlegames, or endgames?

RookSacrifice: Endgames.

What he meant to say: Similarly to positional chess, I hate endgames. However, I want to think that I like endgames to show that I am not a chess player than goes for the quick kill, even though I do, or at least I want to.

Question #10: What's wrong with tactics (In regards to question #8)? I love them!

RookSacrifice: Nothing - I like them, but they can lose

What he mean to say: I really feel bad for the real me! I am not making any sense! I criticize tactics, only to say that I like them?! I am crazy! Also, tactics, don't lose, note to myself. You can also lose positionally. I love tactics. I like it when my opponent is suddenly surprised by a great trick that I played. Of course, I don't like it when it's the other way around.

Question #11: What do you view as your biggest chess accomplishment? (Besides drawing Joseph Truelson)

RookSacrifice: Winning the RAR match. You didn't say it had to be in the past, so I did future.

What he meant to say: I think this is the only question that I told the truth about!

Question #12: What was your worst chess tournament result?

RookSacrifice: Hmm, hard question. My biggest rating drop ever was -30, at the WA Junior Open.

What he meant to say: I have to lie again? Shoot. My worst chess tournament result was actually my first chess tournament, where I got a provisional rating of 824 I did so badly. Fortunately that never happened again.

Question #13: Do you think that you are better than Joseph_Truelson?

RookSacrifice: I think that I am better than Joseph Truelson at not cheating.

What he meant to say: I am much better than Joseph_Truelson! I drew him in our only tournament game, which obviously means that I am better than him. I know the opening better, I know the closing better, and I know everything better. So of course I am better!

Question #14: What are you worse than Joseph at?

RookSacrifice: I think that I am worse than Joseph at RARing people. And making sayings like "Chess is not a thinking game". Creating groups on chess.com, spamming, water fights, I blunder more, and playing solidly against Class A players.

What he meant to say: There I go again, lying and being way too modest! Simply put, I am not worse than Joseph at anything! Rating doesn't matter at all, until I have a higher rating than Joseph Truelson.

Question #15: What type of chess do you view yourself as better than Joseph at ?

RookSacrifice: Catalan, I get White, you have Black. Also Benoni. 

What he meant to say: I am better than Joseph at all types of chess. Openings, middlegames, endgames, technique, etc. The only thing that I am not better than him is at cheating. But I will get better than him at that pretty soon!


How do you think the match will end up? Will RookSacrifice somehow pull off a huge upset, much huger than the presidential election, or will everything go as expected and Joseph win by 24- -4? 
Part 2 of the exclusive (not anymore) interview will be out soon!