Another case of good fortune: FIDE Junior Invitational Round 5

NM Joseph_Truelson

15 days ago, on March 13, 2015, Day 3 of the FIDE Junior Invitational came. It was the final day, and a champion would be determined. So far, Me, Brendan Zhang, and Patrick Huang were in the lead. And in this round, I would make an attempt to gain the lead against my opponent, Neil Doknjas, a talented young player from Canada. 

As usual, I was quite a talker, even trying to say a bunch of funny things to my opponent. However, he seemed kind of shy and didn't say much back. He probably thought that I was very immature (Oddly enough even 2nd graders think that!).

My opponent was rated 1751, and of course with me having pulled out so many lucky wins there was no chance for my opponent to beat me. 

Still, to his credit he did force me to get a lucky win...

After ten moves (with me playing some horrible opening prep!) the following position was reached. 

And there you have it! My horrible opening and middlegame play brings about another victory!

Meanwhile, Patrick kept winning, and Brendan lost to Aditya Kannan, my 6th round opponent. Brendan had beat me, so I was a little nervous to face him in the next round...