Me vs. Brandon Jiang: WA Open and Clark Harmon Memorial

NM Joseph_Truelson

In the Clark Harmon Memorial, I had 3 out of 4 going into the last round. It was seeming like I could win the event, because my last round opponent, Brandon Jiang, was a mere 1347. That led to some pretty bad thinking on my part, I thought it would be an easy game. On top of that, he showed up nearly hour an hour late, which gave me an even huger advantage! 

He was to play white, and 28 minutes after I started the clock he came. 

The following position was reached after 7 moves. 

Ouch! How could I fall for such a basic trap? Of course I lost a lot of rating points in addition to confidence, I thought I had been playing well in that event!

Flash forward more than a month later, and I am playing in the Washington Open, and looking at the reigistration list, it appears that I will have to play Brandon Jiang again, and he will have white since it is the top board and I am the top seed. 

Thus, I played 2 consecutive tournament games against the same person. The lucky thing was that I finally decided to study the opening that I so far had a 4-0 loss record with (Why hadn't I studied it earlier?). Although I forgot all the moves, I at least remembered a couple ideas. 

At least I won my second game against Brandon! I started off with a win in the Washington Open Reserve.

I'll post the next rounds soon.