SCC Tornado

NM Joseph_Truelson

Yesterday, I went to the Seattle Chess Club Tornado event, an event held every 4th Sunday of the month. It was my third tournament since I moved to Washington. My published rating was 1671, even though I was actually only 1597 at the time. 

The tournament drew 19 palyers, one of which joined after Round 1, so there were 18 players in the first round. I was seeded 10th of the 18 players, which meant I would have to play the top seed.

"Oh well, No pressure", I thought to myself.

"Time 2 get victimized", I told all of my friends, smiling because I was not very serious. (And if you know me, you know I am NEVER serious) :)

My opponent was Derek Zhang, rated 2108 as the top seed. Here is the game:

So that was my dissapointing first round loss. 

In round 2, I had an easy win as my opponent took a lot of time and blundered when she had little time left.

Round 3 was a really badly played game by me. I just did not think well and lost to another expert.

In the final round of the tournament, I beat one of my friends at the tournament after he hung a rook to a tactic.

So I got 2/4 and "won" $7.60. The entry fee was $25 though so my winnings were none. 

Still, it was a very fun event, and I hope to beat an expert sometime soon. I had fun making jokes and talking to other kids at the tournament between rounds, including some odd quotes by me:

"Chess is not a thinking game, Why are you thinking!" I didn't say that to my tournament opponents though.

"He's so bad that he beat me", I joked about me first round opponent. "If he was a little bit better, then I would have beat him!" I AM NOT SERIOUS, I WAS LUCKY.

I gained 14 points, and my rating is now 1611.

Congratualtions must go to Anthony He and Faris Gulamali, who tied for first after drawing each other in the 3rd round and going 3/4.

First place U1700 (I won second place) went to Man Tran Quang, who won $41. 

Thanks for reading!