I muffed it up (like usual!): Seattle City Championship Round 4

NM Joseph_Truelson

Heading into Day Two Joseph was in clear first,

but his lead was soon to take a turn for the worse.

It was a lot of fun, but that didn't mean he'd win

Over-confidence led him to make deadly chess sins.

As usual, I woke up, on Jaunary 17, 2016, aware that I was probably going to win, but not for sure. After a routinal day, after eating, practicing music, going to church, I landed in Northern Seattle, specifically the Seattle Chess Club, to win.

There was lots of fuss already happenning. Fellow schoolmate Alex Kaelin came, which was sure to make it fun. All of my "Chess buddies" came, with each of them having different attitudes. 

Mean and trying to make fun of me: Jasen Zhang, fourth round opponent

Everyone else was surprisingly pleasent, usually more than one person is mean to me because of my "annoying" (Not true) personality, arising from being too funny and talking too much. 

Then the thriller came, or the pairings for the next round. I was paired as White against the idiot who had always been mean to me since the start of the event, Jasen Zhang(I probably repeated that at least 5 times in my last few blogs, it serves to emphasize how (not) dramatic this matchup would be.

In case you don't want to look at the game, I'll write another poem summarizing it.

Joseph Truelson thought that he was ready to win

Jasen said the same, but he wouldn't listen

He put his concentration to board, and his opponents face

so intimidation might lead to a clever mate.

Intimidation lead him to be forced to play the Evan's Gambit.

But like most openings he knew no theory in it.

He messed up and despite recovering his pawns,

He went into an endgame that should have been easily drawn

But Jasen gave a pawn for no reason, and Joseph had a won game,

But Joseph blew it the next move, so they got a draw- lame!

 Alright, anyway before the game we were saying how we would win and the other would loose (except me, who said we would both loose and win at different points). We were excited and I thought I could win

After this game Me and Neal Bonrud were to play in round 5 because we were both leading with 3.5/4. 

In the unimportant open section Nick Raptis, Viktor Pupols, and Nikita Chetari also had 3.5/4

I'll post my last round game when I have time to.