WA G/60 Championship Part 1

NM Joseph_Truelson

On December 28, 2015, the Washington G/60 Championship began, at noon. Me and my fellow schoolmate Alex Kaelin went to the tournament together, and we hoped we'd do well. His provisional rating was 687 (based on 5 games)

We arrived at the event, and it looked like it would be great! i was 12th out of the 48 players in the event, and I had lots of chess buddies! Although many of my favorites couldn't come, I knew some players, the main ones I hung around were Andy, Oscar, and Jacob Zharveskiy (Is that how you spell it). Brendan Zhang, my last round opponent, was also there. I was critisized by him for being annoying, and at one point in the tournament told him he talked way too little, and I talked normally.

 Before the event, I somehow had some amazing lightning skils, and challenged people to a game. I beat Andy with 1-5 minute odds, and more impressively beat Oscar (who's in the 1700's, I was 1642) at 1 to 5 minute odds. Then I lost some, but that doesn't matter. In the first round, I had the opportunity to play a very nice and quiet Evertt Wang, rated 982, at least when it was published. I'd never him before, but I told him I hoped we'd be good friends throughout the event, something I admitteldy told about a third of the kids I met. But anyway, before the game, i made up my mind to play f4, and intimidate my opponent. I moved very fastly, and took less than 10 of the 60 minutes, while he took abaout half of his time throughout the whole game. Here is the game. 

Good for me, and Alex Kaelin also won his game, upsetting a 1200! My buddies won their games also, so we were all pretty happy with all of our results. But that didn't mean peace(piece). I chased them all around the building to have fun, and we played some bughouse. However, an uproar by me broke out when Andy Huang poured water on me, like a full cup. So for revenge, I poured a tiny bit of tea (not boiling at all, it was cold) on his neck. Then we ran around again, but usually the fun was disturbed when they would go in the tournament room, where I could not pursue them. I didn't hurt them, but kids are scared anyway. Oh well, that's how kids are, and I'm fine with it.

Round 2 had me against Ignacio Perez, rated 2269 and a former Washington Champion. It was a horrible game by me.

Some of my buddies had amazing results. It was particualry fun the watch Dan Matthews vs. Andy Huang, as Andy banged his moves quite loudly, and with Matthews having only a few seconds or minutes (and a 5 second delay), he had to move fast. Andy won, despite being outrated by 500 points! And then Jacob and Oscar also played, another interesting matchup. Oscar had less than 5 minutes, later only 30 seconds, and was down 3 pawns. But due to a horrible move by Jacob, gained the 3 pawns back in 4 moves! But Jacob played a knight sacrifice, and Oscar fell into the trap, causing another 500 point upset to occur. My buddy Alex lost, and would continue to do so. I dominated the conversations and lots of people laughed, but a persisting minority were still annoyed. However, I tried to avoid critisizing people, except if I was. Round 3 had me paired against another low rated player. I got to play the Fried Liver Attack, and I gained a pawn. 

I ended up not using even 5 minutes on my clock. Both of my victories were the first games over. It was a little dissapointing for me that Alex lost. Jacob lost to a much higher rated opponent, but Andy drew an opponent rated 600 points above him, much to my surprise. Oscar also won easily. So I headed into day 2 with 2/3.