A hardfought (but bad) game and lots of bughouse: Clark Harmon Memorial Round 3

NM Joseph_Truelson

On April 9th, 2016, at 7pm, the 3rd round of the Clark Harmon Memorial Reserve commenced (Who even cares about the open section!) I was to play Dustin Bosch, rated 1685 provisional, who had 2/2. The other perfect score belonged to Brandon Jiang, who took 2 byes for Rounds 3 and 4, and got to play me in Round 5. More on that later...

Between rounds, we had lots of fun playing bughouse. Everyone has really weird openings.Revanth and his friend liked playing h4, h5, and if the opponent plays h6 then g6 would win almost immediately. However, during the tournament, I started getting better and better at attacking and soon h4 was bad and I would get the attack. Knight sacs (Nf3-e(g)5-xf7) wasn't very common because now we are too good to refute that. I'm not sure what the next opening will be. 

But in my game, the opening was a Petroffs, and I hoped to punish my opponent and share tied first going into day two. 

What a horrible endgame! After the draw I had 2/3 going into the last day, and if I won my last two games I had chances to tie for first. 

Would it happen? Read my next blog to find out...

(I am the king of fake drama)