At least I won: KingCo League Round 8

NM Joseph_Truelson

As mentioned in my last blog, my team did not get the best of luck and had to play the scary Redmond B, scary because it was at their school, which meant they would get all of the good players. As it was, only I had a rating advantage (My 1650 to Joey Yeo's 1550 USCF) with the other boards having 100-500 points less. So it looked like it would go pretty bad. Unforuantely, it did. Our board 3 self-destructed right away and lost because he did not think at all hardly! 

Meanwhile, in my game, I was doing well, and hardly using any time either. I thought during my opponent's time, and luckily I found many good moves. Maybe my opponent thought it was odd that I was thinking so little, but the moves just seemed to play out. 

After my win, we were tied. But soon after, Board 4, due to his opponent making a horrible RookSacrifice, won his game. So we were ahead 2-1. But fate did not allow us to win. (Just kidding) Our board 5 was up a pawn, in a rook ending but dumbly missed an obvious move and lost. And board 2, in time pressure, lost in an equal position. So that sums it up. We lost, and will not make it to the state competition. Next Year, I guess!