Falling Stars #1: @Chesster3145
There is only one falling star

Falling Stars #1: @Chesster3145

NM Joseph_Truelson

Disclaimer: The following may or may not have been inspired by this: https://www.chess.com/blog/chesster3145/rising-stars-2-fangbo 

Welcome back, loyal and ignorant followers! When I say this is your series, I really and truly mean it: for just one series, my platform is your platform. With just one $5 donation, you can get your blog or one of your friends’ blogs criticized for all to see. 

Due to the ever increasing amount of donations, it is clear that you want you and your friends criticized. I might be busy the rest of life criticizing all of you. I wish there had only been one donation, because all of these requests is making it hard to chose one to write about, and will take the rest of my life.

So please, if you’re reading this, stop telling me who to criticize, just donate money, and don’t expect anything in return. Leave all the hard work to yourselves.

Today’s loser? He was suggested by @FangBo


I have no clue who this @chesster3145 guy is. I’ve never seen himself, talked to him, any of that. Luckily, because I have no affiliation with him, you can expect a completely unbiased and true opinion of his work. 

@Chesster3145 is completely different from me as a blogger. He tries to educate about chess, I find loopholes and actually effective ways to win. He analyzes games and tries to pick up what you can learn from them, I get straight to the point and tell you guys that if you pay me, I’ll give you some information that’ll never make you lose. He goes on and on about chess psychology, I simply tell you guys that if you do RAR Tips (things including saying RAR and being annoying), you will make your opponents scared and win.

Therefore, as a player, we are also complete opposites. Chesster3145 plays the approved openings by so called “grand masters”, I play whatever I want and win. He tries to play positional and fight for small advantages, while I win instantly by taking my opponents pieces before the first move.

He’s also the first blogger featured in this series to have a Top Blogger application accepted, so this post carries different lessons. It’s not about getting better content that others. It’s learning about what you have to do to convince the bureaucrats and corporatists to let you be featured. 


His second-most recent post (Rising Stars #1 @kamalakanta) shows why he is a top blogger, with the typical boring opener intending to make you all think that this time, he has finally found a series worth writing a lot of articles about about. 

Start at the beginning. Read the first sentence. “Welcome, one and all, to a surprise series opener!” 

Now stop. 

This wasn’t a surprise to any of us who read his content. Look at how many times he has started new series: 


And before that:


His second introduction: 


It never really stops, does it: https://www.chess.com/blog/chesster3145/major-renovations-making-an-organized-accessible-blog

In fact, he has started new series and revampings of his blogs so often that even he has realized the need to notify us if a blog is NOT about a new series of articles: https://www.chess.com/blog/chesster3145/50-follower-q-a-something-else-you-decide (First sentence: “Welcome to my second big announcement, this time about everything that's not a new series”)

This gives us insight on how chess.com Top bloggers work, and understanding why is so critical than I will write multiple paragraphs about it, because every aspiring blogger who is reading this needs to know.

In order to be a top blogger, you must start new series all the time, in order to keep the views flowing. This is not a surprise, and indeed, applies to the corporate world. How do businesses get in their doors and buying stuff? Something new. How do I get you all to donate more money to me? By creating a new cheating program. And how do you get websites to keep your blogs headlines? By a new series of articles, that you hope will finally keep people reading. 

Your first article in a new series is the only first article you get. Everything featured in it is key. That’s why it’s important to headline that this is a new series. If you don’t, people might not read the rest of the article, thinking it is just like your other boring content. 

But let’s analyse the words in depth, and find why chesster3145 is such a great corporate blogger. 

First, “welcome”. He welcomes all of us to take part in what is sure to be a magical journey through this amazing new series. He cares about us enough to welcome us. 

Indeed, this word is so amazing that even though the last part of the sentence is dry, it doesn’t matter, because the first word was amazing. 


I’m not saying this to congratulate his content. If the first word of the blog is the only thing you do right, you’re a terrible blogger. I only mention this because the first word is so important, and you need to treat it right, as you should every idea you type down. 

Every word must go in the right place. You must come up with the right words. You must think about the words. Be the word. 

If you can do this, your blog will reach its full potential. But if you don’t do all of these, at least you know what to work on (I’m working on being the word). 


Luckily, chesster3145 does a perfect job in other parts of his blogs as well. It’s time to look at what he does so brilliantly, and how that makes his posts so amazing. There are three main brilliancies: 

  • Lots of pictures. You can’t write without pictures. After all, since we’re talking about being the word, how much better is it to be a thousand words (A picture is a thousand words). No matter how great an idea is, if you don’t have an image, it won’t be everything it could be. 

      This was a problem with @kamalakanta. His criticisms of @kamalakanta were good, but in the second paragraph of the post, he went completely off topic of what he was going to talk about. The blog is a criticizing session of @kamalakanta but he starts it off by saying that he’s burned out. Getting straight to the 8th paragraph would be more on point. But the biggest problem, was that there wasn’t enough images. Bad writing can be saved by a good image, but he forgot to put one here. 

  • Game analysis You can’t write without taking somebody else’s work. In the featured blog, chesster3145 does justice to a top blogger’s reputation and takes notes from Nimzowitsch and doesn’t give his own. Don’t make your own content, just take everyone else’s! (That’s what I’m doing here) 

     That’s why I got confused when he put an image saying that chess is sometimes simply learning about life. How does that have to relate with the article? Instead of focusing on his topic, he brought this up way too soon. Like a GM plays his game and doesn’t drink, eat, or talk during his game, you need to focus on game analysis and not on philosophy. @Chesster3145 should be more focused.

  • Very proud As is expected of anyone who has reached the lofty goal of top blogger, @chesster3145 is very confident in his writing, and is ready to criticize anyone if necessary. 

      After talking about your new series (in the featured blog), you get right to the point and make us all certain that you know the perfect way of writing. Your confidence and criticism of others only reassures this. 

 The last paragraph is perhaps the best one of all. After telling @kamalakanta what he’s doing wrong, and taking all his hope away, you suddenly try to encourage him. That was the most admiral part, in my view. After telling someone how hopeless they are, you still find it in your heart to let them know that not everything is lost. 

 null That closes this praising session of one of chess.com’s top bloggers. Next time, I hope more donations will allow me to make more of these blogs. I am proud to give you guys insights on what you must do to write well, and I hope that in the future I can write about how magnificent you are as well.

RAR Attacker

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Disclaimer: This is meant to be a parody of another post; none of it should be taken seriously.