A good start... for me!: KingCo League Round 2

NM Joseph_Truelson

Well... here it goes

Today, and just half an hour agao, I finished a game. It was against Faris, who is rated 1985 NWSRS and 1948 USCF. And, well my team did not have a good (k)night.

We played Interlake A, the 2nd highest team in the league (with teams from all over Seattle are), and they had 5 players in the 1800-2000(!) range, to meet our five players:

The "bored" one: Joseph Truelson: 1654 USCF

2: Hedda Zhao: 1302 USCF

3. Aedean Tien: 1000(?) USCF

4. Kyle Yu (900 NWSRS)

5. Alex Kaelin (900 NWSRS)

So, we had like no chance!

And? Soon, Board 5 blundered a piece... Board 4 did likewise... Boards 2 and 3 blunder a pawn... and I'm trying to keeping the game solid with a bad Stonewall, but soon I drop a pawn!

It's looking like a 0-5 defeat, as Boards 4, 5, and 2 lose in succession. Then Board 3 is an obvious loss being down a piece. My game is complicated; I have a queen for two rooks, and then Board 3 looses.

Well, not surprisingly there is about 5 (for once someone doesn't exxagerate!) people watching, andd my opponent wants to win of course since I'm lower rated and because he is much better.

Here's my game:

Well, my opponent wasn't too happy. I congratulated them though, because the end score was still very lopsided. But at least it was not a 100% loss for us!

Interlake A vs. Mercer Island: 4.5-0.5