Finally! 2200 in bullet

Finally! 2200 in bullet

Jan 6, 2017, 1:35 PM |

Notice: If you wish to get better at bullet, this blog will improve your bullet rating by 10 points. The cost? Around 300 points in standard chess. That's how bad bullet is for your chess.

Also search 2203 to find the picture that you see here. I'm too lazy to make my own pictures, in fact that is the key to being successful: plagiarize! My dad liked a song that says that Plagiarizing is the way to being successful, and that is definitely true! All of my blogs are written by someone else (except the bad ones), all of my chess skills are taken from an 1800 level engine, and all of my jokes are taken from somebody else, even this one! Anyways, let's continue.

Hi everyone! (Except the people I don't like, which is more than the people that I do like. A LOT more) Today I achieved an accomplishment that it is clear many of you think was really easy. 2200 in bullet! However, I think it was really impressive, being that I started the day off at 2110 (Thanks to the evil RookSacrifice making me sacrifice my rating). In the future I have to make sure that I play only unrated with players under 2000, particularly him, because he purposely keeps a low rating until he plays me, then he scores much better than his rating would suggest.

It took 32 games, but gaining 93 points in 32 games is not bad! Here are some of the key games that prove why I deserve to be 2200, and definitely I should also be a master at normal chess for this much more impressive accomplishment:
Cheapos for the win

If it doesn't cost anything to your position, and especially if your position is losing, why not threaten mate in one? Much of the time they won't catch it. That's what I learned in the first game of this amazing day.

"That guy was over 2100?", I thought. 2200 must be super easy! Luckily for me my premove openings turned out well for the 4 games. The first game I lost of the day was Game 6.
Being that I lost on time, I figured that I better play faster than I already was! So I did. I won my next 5 (!), and built my way up to 2175. Then I played a bughouse game with Andrew Fletcher, which might have been a mistake. My next game ended in a simple knight fork:
Why am I messing up so much? I thought. Fortunately my opponents were willing to do the same for me. My next game was funny because I had 18 seconds when he timed out in a drawn position, a clear sign that I was finally solving my time problems.
After a bunch of bad games, in which I seemed to make no progress at all, I landed at 2180. I was so close to 2200, surely I wouldn't fail now, right? (Of course I didn't, I already reached 2200)
The next game was equally lucky, as I only had 0.2 seconds left on the clock when delivering checkmate in a crazy time scramble.
Now at 2197, only one more game was needed. And sure enough, it came.
So there ends my lucky bullet streak, and now I am 2200! 
I'm coming after you good chess players next!