Me and RookSacrifice

Feb 6, 2016, 1:33 PM |

Me and Samuel Deng( RookSacrifice) play a LOT of blitz on We always have so many games that we can tease the other one with. For example, this 6-move mate against me seemed to really have caught on...

Well, I am not too fond of that one. However, to my credit out game record is 20 wins to 7 looses and 2 draws. My favorite victory was actually in a game where I was totally loosing, "the 34-move mate".

Sometimes RookSacrifice thinks he is so much better than me (not!) that he plays dumb openings to make fun of me. Unfortunately that does not mean I win.

But usually, it doesnt, especially if there are opening blunders.

Well, hopefully more games with him so I can feel better about my self!

Takeaway: I am better than RookSacrifice (un)Official!