Northwest Grand Prix final results

Feb 16, 2016, 11:43 AM |

Here are the final standings for the NW chess Grand Prix. I got first out of state, but I live in the northwest, so maybe that isn't fair. But anyway, here are the standings:

ADDED February 18th (in Vietnam)

Joseph Truelson had an amazing year in the northwest. He had a good first tournament, winning the Emerald City Open, drawing only to N obscure figure named Samuel Deng. Then he played in the Vancouver open, but that should not be mentioned here. After a decent showing at the August tornado, he totally won the Seattle fall open reserve! Let's not mention the September tornado. Joseph started with 4.5/5 in the extravaganza and would have gained a bunch of rating points and money if it weren't for his mean last round opponents beating him. Although the northwest chess open and the Washington game in 60 didn't go too well, they seized him enough points to be first out of state by 1.5 points.

Next year he will be out to get you and take your northwest Grand Prix prize!