United against United: My horrible flight expierence

United against United: My horrible flight expierence

NM Joseph_Truelson


ONLY 90% of the facts have been altered

Hi everybody! Usually I try to write great and the best blogs in the world that discuss chess and everything about it, but today my friends, I hear a very gloomy story to tell you. It is a story that will haunt you for the next year and a half, and you will never go on United Airlines again. If you are brave enough to read of this terrible encounter, read on...

My family decided to go to Hawaii, because going to Hawaii is fun! So we booked our flight, through the so called "United" Airlines. It was scheduled to make one stop in San Francisco, before proceeding to go to Hawaii. Well, we booked the cheapest flight naturally enough, and just a little over 3 hours ago left Seattle. The flight was very suspicious. We left something like 15 minutes late, and we got a few minutes late. The problem was, we only had a half an hour layover! Rushing through the terminals to reach the correct gate, we arrived a little before 6:50pm, thinking we had made the flight on time, as it was scheduled to leave at 7pm. However, the United employees were United- in keeping us miserable. They said the plane had already closed, even though it was still there, and that we couldn't board! Terrible! Everything's terrible! So now we have to wait, and who knows what will happen. We won't be able to get to Hawaii since the next flight is tomorrow.

The lesson is, let's be United against United! They are a terrible airline and don't deserve any of our cash!

From an Alaska, Delta, and every other airline besides United employee

RM (RAR Master) Joseph Truelson