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Alert - for updated chat

is there an alert to tell your opponent that you have written something in the message box?

alert sounds - customisation

customisation of the alert sounds for turn-based chess. the option of distinct voice messages: "it's your move", "you've been challenged", etc.

Animal Crackers

Which species of animal will be the first to crack chess?

Anonymity Requested

I'm reluctant to post games on this site for two reasons: Even if you anonymise the names of the players, since people mainly post their own games, it's not too hard to identify their opponent. Would it be useful to be able to copy a game to an pool of anonymity

Athens & Sparta

Does anyone else see incongruities in Chess Spartans' (chess-spartans) approach - or is it just me? 

Attitudes Towards Resigning

Based on an analysis of the comments posted in the forums whenever the topic of RESIGNING is raised, here are ALL of the main reasons players give for either RESIGNing or, alternatively, CONTINUING TO PLAY 

Breaking a losing streak

proposes a number of generic ideas about how to break a losing streak, including Remind yourself that you really do have it in you to succeed. What has worked for anyone else?

Business Proposition ALERT

Receiving scam messages inside chess.com

Challenge - Later

Have you ever wished, when a game ended, that you could make a deferred challenge against your opponent?

Challenging a higher-rated player

What's the recommended way to get a game with a higher-rated player? Is it: a) berate all higher-rated players generally in the forums, claiming not one of them will play you b) belittle a specific player with whom you would like a game c) just challenge the player d) other (please specify)

Chess injuries

chess-playing injuries are not a frequent cause of attendance at A&E departments. However, I was once called to see a patient with a bishop up his bottom. I instructed the patient not to make a move until I got there!

chess.com - the movie

Imagine for a moment, that Hollywood decided to make a movie about chess.com ... What genre would it be? What would be the basic plot? How would the car chases fit in

chess.com - WishNOT list

The feature I would most like NOT to see is...


Has anyone else come across any practitioners in Chesstrology? They claim to be able to analyse your character - and guide you in future decisions - based on one of your board positions 

Did she mention my name?

it would be potentally helpful if members were alerted whenever their name was mentioned in a topic or blog - perhaps that posting could be added to their list of tracked items.

Don't quote me on that

Quoting – especially nested quoted – not well managed in the forums

Dulce et Decorum Est

ISO code countriues missing from chess.com’s list of countries

ECO abandoned?

With the current domination of chess by Indians, the AICF (All India Chess Federation) announced yesterday that it is seeking to supersede the existing ECO (Encyclopaedia of Chess Openings) nomenclature with a more logical, Indian-based alternative: CLIPCLOP (Chess Logical Indian Proposal – Clearly Labelled Openings Protocol).

Fermat's Last Pizza

There is a greater variety of pizzas than there are chess positions. (I have discovered a wonderful proof for this, but the margin is not big enough for me to write it.)

First Come First Served (Team Chess)

In the absence of such a mechanism, matches between a LARGE group and a small group become severely imbalanced, with the larger group generally able to field a much stronger team.

Fully Integrated Game Explorer

Many people don't use databases because it is not convenient to do so. Even Game Explorer is a bit of a chore to use. One of the suggestions on the Wishlist was closer integration between the standard board and Game Explorer. If there was a one-click button taking you straight into Game Explorer from the current position, imagine how its use would rocket.

Get Off Your Horse And Drink Your Milk

Has anyone managed to integrate a speech program (such as Dragon Naturally Speaking) with chess.com? It would be neat to be able to get a commentary on some aspects of game play e.g.

Going, going, gone!

At the end of the day, when making my final moves, it seems somewhat brusque to simply disconnect from chess.com without letting my ONLINE opponents that I am signing off the session for today. How about a facility to send a message into the message box attached to the chessboard to all of my opponents who are online?

Good Sportsmanship

There's a great deal of fair play that goes on on chess.com - both on and off the board - but we rarely comment on it. For instance, if my opponent makes a complete howler of a move, I only allude to it indirectly by remarking: "that's a bold gambit to get the game going".

Group Hysteria

I wonder what is the maximum number of the 700 or so groups that a member here belongs to? I find the groups features puzzling. In the old days of news groups, a Usenet group had a very specific focus e.g. The Simpsons [TV series], Basketball [sport], Shed Building [hobby] but drew from a very broadly-based audience.

Handicapping systems - levelling the playing field

How many players would be interested in using handicapping systems (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chess_handicap ) for unrated games in chess.com?

Help tracking down a sportsmanship discussion please

Can anyone point me to a topic discussion that went something like this: player A said that he had made an unintended move. Would player B agree to rewinding the board to undo the move? player B agreed - and made a neutral move which meant that he did not take advantage of player A's slip.

Help with Help

Searching the Help is not as helpful as searching the site generally (primarily the Forums). For instance, if I click on Help (at the top right of the screen) and search for blocking, I get no matches (within the Support area). Whereas, if I search for blocking in the whole site search box (top right), I find heaps of helpful hints.

Home Network: Structured Wiring vs. Wireless vs. Hom...

What works best for integrating Music, TV, A-V, Internet and Telephone (plus any other electronic services) in the home? The three main contenders seem to be: Structured wiring  multi-room audio and video distribution system using industry standard CAT5 (or co-ax) cable  Wiselan  NEXUS  

Inheritance tax planning

Is a chess game (i.e. a position in a game) something that can be left to one's heirs? What might it be worth? Would it be liable for death duties (inheritance tax)? Does a chess game automatically end upon the death of one (or both) of the players?

invisible typing in forum

Suddenly (in the past few days) what I type in the body of a forum entry is invisible - as I type it. The subject is visible. I can make the body visible by drag marking it with the mouse. Is this just my PC's problem?

is this a Good Move?

I tend to acknowledge my opponent's strikingly good moves with a "good move" comment. Is this a 'good move' on my part?

It's a good day to die!

categorisation of chess.com chess-play attitudes

It's Another Rollover!

While we wait for the super-duper feature Rollover actions on a player name (rating, current games, etc) http://www.chess.com/forum/view/community/chesscom-feature-requests-and-wishlist-3 to be implemented that will give instant information about another person (and potential opponent!), we could re-use the existing facilities to provide a clue to our Essential Chess Type. By using a simple 3-character code at the start of My Status, we could indicate where we stand on the Big Three:

It's Not Fair!

(p.s. in the interests of fairness, please try to ensure that every submission to this topic ends with the phrase: "It's not fair!")

Kobayashi Maru (Hopeless Situations)

This is a discussion about  "Refusing to accept that defeat is inevitable in a hopeless situation" OTHER THAT CHESS. This is not about RESIGNING! It is about 'hopeless situations' in general.

Last Chance To See

If the Original Poster opts to delete his or her original post, ALL of the subsequent conversation disappears as well. Is this such a good idea?

Longest Journey (starts with a single move)

What is the greatest distance travelled by a single chess piece in the course of an actual game (in terms of chess squares)? It should be possible to calculate it from the move history.

Most Boring Thread Ever

an investigation into the nature of being boring. Many achieve it seemingly without effort. Others strive for it - yet it eludes them.

Most clichéd thread ever

It's a funny old game.

N 99 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Joined Chess.com

Greater exposure for some of chess.com’s facilities

NOT the Name of the Game

About half of the time when I Start New Game (an Open Seek NOT for a named opponent), it does not use the name I have specified for the game. 

playing with GIANTS

Who has participated in a chess game as a (life-sized) piece on a giant chessboard? Do you have a more useful perspective when you are inside the game?

Resign or be prosecuted!

How many movies reference resigning? Anyone remember Arnie's advice in 'Raw Deal'? : "Resign or be prosecuted!

resign vs draw

Which of these two behaviours (if either) would you regard as the greater breach of chess etiquette: - declining to resign when facing overwhelming odds - offering a draw when facing overwhelming odds

s 7 Deadly Sins

“people see things very differently and we all need to be tolerant.” - Erik

TALLY: Forum Annoyances

What do you consider the most annoying aspect of the forums? (list of 15 items)

The Weight of Resigning Late

Many players instinctively know when a particular chess game is unwinnable. 

Today's Hot Topic - the weather

Is it just me - or is it hot in here?

Topics I am tracking TWICE or THRICE

Topics I am tracking overlaps a great deal with Topics I have started and Topics I have posted in

Trophies we can ALL aspire to

Why do so many great postings in the Forums go unacknowledged? I propose a set of awards along the lines of: Groundhog Day / Dead Horse , Fine Whine

Trophy Inscriptions

Sometimes tougher than the game itself, is to devise what to say on a trophy. I was amused by this one:

Voluntary Restraint

The main online lottery site in the UK has two customer-caring features: Self imposed limits on play Game exclusion

What are we getting for Christmas?

At the risk of spoiling Erik's surprises, can we figure out WHICH NEW FEATURE(S) chess.com is going to deliver in time for Christmas?

What would it take to finally push you over the edge?

What made you decide to upgrade from free membership to paid membership? Or from Silver/Gold to Platinum/Diamond? Or if you haven't yet done so, what would it take to finally push you over the edge?

What's So Great About Chess.com Anyway?

1. The friendliness of its members.

What's the time, Mr. Wolf?

Would there be any mileage in [optionally] displaying the time of day of your opponent? Currently when you hover your mouse over the country flag, it shows the country name. Could it also show the time there?

When Worlds Collide

What is the oddest place you've played chess or the most curious circumstances surrounding a game? When I used to play chess on the bus,

When you have eliminated the impossible

I have made some deductions about the chess.com community, but I don't have enough data to establish the accuracy of my hypotheses. Can you help?

Which will be solved first?

chess - or chess.com ?

Who is player X?

Amazon.com has a facility it calls Personalized Recommendations. It keeps track of the products you buy (or merely browse), then it steps in and says: People who were interested in item X also expressed an interest in items Y and Z. I was wondering whether a similar scheme would be useful on this site for linking potential opponents.

With A Little Help From My Friends

Why are there so many threads with the following (or similar) titles: Help

Wood you believe it!

Wood is undoubtably the most common material used for physical chess pieces - but there must be at least 100 other materials in use? It should be fairly easy to determine the top 10!

You Can't Win

There's much to be said for playing opponents who don't chat, and who don't have a photo or even an image, and who have a fairly anonymous username