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The diary of an International Chess Master

    • My experience about the Analysis Board

      I am very grateful for the chess.com team. They built up a wondeful platform where people can play and learn. They made available for chess coaches like me to teach students from all over the world. I can help people from the comfort of my home by... | Read More

    • Checkmate with bishops and a rook

      Manny, one of my students just sent me a game with a nice checkmate. His bishops and rook were eyeing the black king and with the opponent's help it ended with a nice checkmate. In the beginning he could have won a bishop. Later the position beca... | Read More

    • The big moment of the small pawns

      Shigeru, one of my students from Japan made mistakes and the opponent got a big advantage and captured all of his pieces, but then he put his hopes to the four pawns on the kingside and with the help of the king they went to reach the other kin... | Read More

    • Is the Ben-oni defense right for you?

      The Ben-oni is a sharp, tactical opening. If you want to improve your calculation skills then this opening will help you. The position is unbalanced from the beginning, so there is a good chance to win for both players.  You may want to play oth... | Read More

    • My best game

      I think this is my best game. I played it in the hungarian junior championship when I was 17 years old. When you replay the game, please look the annotations under the board and look also the variations and side lines!  Please tell your opin... | Read More

    • How did I checkmate the British Champion?

       In this game I checkmated International Master Michael Hennigan who was the World under 18 Champion in 1988 and British Champion in 1993. He played the Alekhine defense. I got a small advantage. My e5 pawn blocked his position. I got the bish... | Read More

    • Russian dance

      In this game my opponent played the russian defense. I won a pawn with an in between move. He captured back the pawn, but that opened up a file against his king, which allowed me to win a bishop and the game. When you replay the game, please look... | Read More

    • Anand beats Karpov in Karpov's style

      In this game Anand played in fine positional style. He improved the position of his pieces move by move and Karpov made a big mistake under the pressure. Karpov needed to exchange the attacking pieces earlier to be able to defense well. When yo... | Read More

    • Sacrifices for the attack

      I played this game in an International Master Tournament in Budapest. My opponent was an International Master who did a lot of effort for the chess life in Hungary. I played the Nimzo-indian defense. The game went well until the middle, when he d... | Read More

    • How to attack with a closed center?

      I played this game in the Hungarian team championship. My opponent was a gentleman who dedicated his full life for chess and he is now over 70 years old and still very active in teaching and organizing chess teams and events. In the game I was ab... | Read More