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The diary of an International Chess Master

    • The modern-dutch checkmate hybrid

      Gigi sent me one of his recent games. A pretty and short checkmate. His opponent started with the modern defense and then he changed his mind and transposed to the dutch defense, but it weakened his position and after a bad recapture Gigi gave th... | Read More

    • Minority attack - 1000 Bright Minds Simul

      I will teach about the minority attack in a webinar on Sunday at 11:00 am EST, 4:00 pm UK time and I made a warmup about the themes in the minority-attack: A nice example about the minority-attack from a game of the 1000 Bright Minds Simul. | Read More

    • The basic concepts about the minority attack

      Dear Friends, In this video I show you the basic concepts about the minority attack. What are the key themes for white and how can black counter-attack and defense. I wish you enjoy the video and have a great day! Atilla | Read More

    • 1st Budapest International Chess Holiday

      09-16 August 2014   Budapest, Hungary   Organized by International Chess Master Attila Turzo, the 1st International Chess Holiday is an event that brings chess players from around the world together with the mission of improving their skills ... | Read More

    • Warmup for the sightseeing in Budapest :)

        Budapest by night About the 1st International Budapest Chess Holiday you can find more pictures and videos at https://www.facebook.com/chessholidays | Read More

    • Schedule of the 1st International Budapest Chess Holiday

      Schedule of the 1st International Budapest Chess Holiday 09/08/2014 – 16/08/2014   Saturday 09/08/2014 7:00pm – 8:30pm Dinner 8:30pm – 10:00pm Starting circle Sunday 10/08/2014 9:00am – 12:00pm Chess workshops12:00pm – 1:00pm Rap... | Read More

    • The White Side against the Dark Side

      Black just queened his paw and hope to have an equal position. What can white do? | Read More

    • 1st International Budapest Chess Holiday

      The Chess Holiday will be held at 9-16 August in Budapest. Hungarian Parliament The participants will stay in the Star Inn Hotel Budapest Centrum. You can check the hotel's webpage at http://starinnhotels.com/en/star-inn-... | Read More

    • Chess Holiday in Budapest

      Dear Friends, I organize a Chess Holiday in Budapest at August 9-16. Chess and Culture. We will have chess workshops and playing in the morning, then we will have lunch together and in the afternoon we explore the culture of Budapest and Hungary ... | Read More

    • My experience about the Analysis Board

      I am very grateful for the chess.com team. They built up a wondeful platform where people can play and learn. They made available for chess coaches like me to teach students from all over the world. I can help people from the comfort of my home by... | Read More