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     When I first came to, it was to avail myself of its wonderful blogging tools and its chess-centric community.  After 6 years of blogging, I chose to devote my time instead to the generally more involved pursuit of article writing. 
     But since giving up blogging, I've also used yet another, less formal, vehicle for passing on tidbits and connections I would encounter in my researching the Forums. 

     I decided to list and link a quantity of these Forum postings below:

Louis Paulsen

Chess Brilliancies

Interesting Photo

An Other Interesting Photo

Images You Won't Find on the Web - Till Now

Some Pictures

What do these portraits have in common?

Living Chess

Combining Business with Pleasure


Pillsbury's Chess Column

The Death of Pillsbury

Gosh- That's Amazing

An Historical Oddity

Chess for Princesses



Chess Athletes

Sherlock Holmes Puzzle

The Queen's Pawn

Lasker's Puzzle

Some Chess Pictures

Blast from the Past


A Different Board

The Chessboard Comes to Life

Chernev's Chess Quiz





Aron Nimzowitsch

Walter Browne

A Paul Morphy Romance

Women's Lib or The Times they are a-Changin'

Sam Loyd as I knew Him


Dear Abby

FFF -For Fischer Fans

FFF - For Fischer Fans two

FFF - Yet Another Fischer Thread

Fischer in Leipzig 1960

Fischer 1956

Ale and Wine

Ladies and Chess

Chess Cascade

Jewish Rye

B R with an Anchor

Some Things I Stumbled Upon

Interesting Groups

Famous Grouping in 1960

A 'Fine' Miniature

Past and Future Champions


A Couple of Things...


Philidor's Legacy

German War Ciphers

Ballade of the Captured Pawn

Lisa Lane Article, 1960

Lisa in Sukhumi

Lisa Lane 1972


Those Silly Girls

Jude Acer on Bobby Fischer

Another Side of Max Euwe

A Cigar

Cheating Old Style

Phantom of the Squares

Monte Carlo 1969

30 Years Ago

Chess is Alive in Detroit

Tahl - by Lilienthal

Jeremy Gaige and the Ethics of Chess

Post this under "What's My Line"

Post this under "Just My Luck"

U.S. Championship 1960-1

The Championships of 1963

Yes Virginia, Pawns are Powerful

The Lastest, Greatest Dedicated Chess Computer

March 1956


Old but Fun Newspaper Article

Kotov on Fischer 1962

Cool Cover

The State of Women's Chess in 1962

Fischer-Spassky 1972

A Tale of Two Titans

XXXIII USSR Championship

Chess Decanter


Tal speaks

Tal Again

The Road to Music

Mack the Knife
Live in Sweden

Bled 1961- A Most Interesting Tournament

Chess Is Where You Find it


Faithfully Yours

Kathryn Slater and Serendipity

The Weaker Sex

Dr. Petar Trifunovic

Store Window Chess

Chess on TV

Little Paul Morphy

The Day Fischer Lost

Position on the Board


America's Civil War

Alekhine Memorial

My First Victory over Smyslov

Santasiere's Revolutionary Suggestion

Alekhine-Euwe, Their First Match

A Cold War Curiosity

The Tenth Muse

Amazons Have it Out

Not Forgotten

Chess Angels

Larry Evans-Bill Lombardy Match

Chess Caviar

Chess Caviar, December 1957

Fischer by Buchwald

A Fine Performance

Jack Collins


Double Take

On the Death of Weaver Adams


Reshevsky and Najdorf Way Back in 1959

Chess Life, vol. 1

What's Wrong With This Picture

What's Wrong With This Picture 2

Chigorin Speaks Out


The Clever Dr. Blumenthal

Encounters in New York

Lasker's Lecture on Paul Morphy and Life

Books by Fischer


Epaulette Mate

Max Lange on Morphy-Anderssen

The Batgirl Trophy Room

Chess Composing

Age vs. Youth

Vrnjačka Banja, 1961

Sarajevo, 1967

Gilded Ages

Fischer and Tal Speak Out at Bled

The State Department and Chess

Ivkov's Brilliancy


Chess and Music

More from batgirl
Beth Harmon, the isoLanni?

Beth Harmon, the isoLanni?

Rook Players

Rook Players