Event #116 Royal Queens

Event #116 Royal Queens


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #116 Royal Queens

Type: Royal modifier

Condition: This event can not be started with another royal modifier event. At least 1 queen for each player.

The queen becomes royal and can be checked/checkmated.

Note 1: Both the king and queen are royal pieces and neither can be left in check. Checkmating either a king or queen results in a win.

Note 2: The movement for kings and queens are unchanged (queens can move far and queens can not perform castling).

Note 3: Pawns can still promote to queens, but the new queen will also be royal and can be checked/checkmated.

Example 1:

Black can not play dxe5 since it would leave his queen in check by whites queen.

Example 2:

Both whites king and queen are in check and there is no move to remove both checks. White is checkmated.

Example 3:

Black could promote to queen as normal, since neither blacks king or queens are in check. White on the other hand could not promote to queen since hes new queen would be in check. After white promotes to bishop black is checkmated since there are no move to get both queens out of check.


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