Event #51 Monster Queen

Event #51 Monster Queen


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #51 Monster Queen

Condition: Can not be started with a royal queen event. At least 1 queen for each player. Starting this event does not cause any player to be in check.

The queen can only move 1 square like a king, but it can move twice each turn. It is legal to leave your king in check after the first queen move, but not the second. If a queen has moved once, the second move is also mandatory (not optional).

Example 1:

White plays Qxe5, Qxe6#

It is checkmate since white is threatening Qe7, Qxe8 and there is no way for black to get out of check (Kf8 for example can be responded by Qf7, Qxf8).

Example 2:

White plays Qxd2, Qe2. White is allowed to put himself into check on the first queen move, but not the second move.

Example 3:

Here white can not play Qxe2, since there are no legal second queen move to get out of check.

Example 4:

If white captures the pawn with Qxd2, then white needs to also make a second queen move (Qc3)


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