Event #70 Ice

Event #70 Ice


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #70 Ice

Type: Move length modifier.

Condition: Can not be started with another move length modifier event.

Pieces that can move an unlimited distance in one direction (normally bishops, rooks and queens) have slippery feet and can not stop on any to square they want to. They can only move to squares if one of the following conditions are met:

  1. A capture was made on the destination square.
  2. The piece reaches the edge of the board and moving further in the same direction would be outside the board.
  3. There is a piece one square further away in the same direction.

Castling can still be made like normal.

Example 1:

Whites rook can only move to a4, d1, d8 and h4. Those squares are available since the rook reaches the edge of the board. Other squares, such as b4 is not possible to move to.

Example 2:

Whites bishop can move to a7 (edge of the board), c3 (piece on b2), f2 (piece on g1) or f6 (piece on g7),

Example 3:

Whites queen can move to b6 (piece on a7), d6 (piece on d7), f6 (piece on g7).

Whites queen can also capture Qxa7 or Qxd6 or Qxg7.

Whites queen can also move to the edge of the board (a4, a1, d1, g1, h4).

Example 4:

Whites rook can move to either a8 or d1. Or white can castle 0-0-0.

Example 5:

White can not play either Qe2 or Be2, so white is checkmated.


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