Event #55 Faithful king

Event #55 Faithful king


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #55 Faithful king

Condition: Can not be started with a royal queen event. At least 1 king for each player.

A player without a queen can as a move make a prayer with the king. A king making a prayer will stand still and gain 1 faith. A king with 3 faith can no longer make a prayer. If a king has 3 faith, then as a move the king can lose all faith and put back his allied queen on the board on an unoccupied square next to him. Whenever the king makes a move that is not a prayer, then the king will lose all faith. If a promotion to a queen is made, then the king allied to the new queen will also lose all faith.



Game continues with:

2.pray Whites king gets 1 faith.

2...pray Blacks king gets 1 faith.

3.pray  Whites king gets 1 faith. 2 faith in total.

3...pray Blacks king gets 1 faith. 2 faith in total.

4.pray Whites king gets 1 faith. 3 faith in total.

4...pray Blacks king gets 1 faith. 3 faith in total.

Now whites king has 3 faith, so he is not allowed to pray more, but he is allowed to as a move put his queen back on the board next to his king. The squares available next to his king are on h2 and h1 (the other squares are occupied), so white may put a new queen on either of those squares. White chooses to do something else though.

Then finally white chooses to get back his queen with


Then the game continues as normal. Neither king has any faith left. Black may start praying again to try to get his queen back. White may not pray with his king since he got a queen now, but if white looses his queen later in the game, then his king can start praying again.


Waredude - thegreatauk