Event #95 Bouncing Pieces

Event #95 Bouncing Pieces


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #95 Bouncing Pieces

Condition: None

After each move, the player that made the move may choose one piece adjacent to the piece that moved (friend or foe) to bounce. When a piece bounces it will move one square away from the piece it bounced with. Only one piece/turn can be bounced.

If a piece cannot be moved in a bounce (blocked by edge of board or blocked by another piece), then that piece will stand still.

No piece can be bounced during castling.

If a piece reaches a promotional square when being bounced, that piece will not promote. However, that piece can spend one move to stand still on the promotion square to promote.

Pawns on the first or second rank can move 2 spaces forward regardless if they have previously moved or not.

Note: A player can choose to not bounce a piece if he does not want to.

The marked blue squares indicate the squares that are adjacent to the bishop. If white just moved his bishop to d4, then he could choose a piece standing on those squares to bounce.

Example 1:

White plays Re8. The king on f8 and pawn on f7 becomes adjacent to the rook. White can choose one of those pieces to bounce. If white chooses the pawn, the pawn on f7 would move to g6. However, white chooses the king and the move becomes 1.Re8, Kg8+

Black plays 1...Bh7, g7-f8

Blacks pawn on f8 will be able to move 2 steps forward if black wants to later in the game.

Example 2:

White plays Nf3. There are 3 pieces adjacent to the knight, the pawns on e2, f2 and g2. None of these pieces can move one square away from the knight (the squares d1, f1 and h1 are occupied), so no bounce can be made.

Example 3:

White plays Nf3. If white wants to, he can bounce the pawn on e2 to d1 or pawn on f2 to f1 or pawn on g2 to h1. However, white chooses to not bounce, so the move is just Nf3

Example 4:

White plays 0-0. No bounce can be made during castling.

Example 5:

White plays Ra3, a2-a1. Blacks pawn reaches a promotional square, but the pawn will not promote since it was bounced there. Black can however spend a move to promote the pawn on a1.


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