Event #25 Peaceful Knights

Event #25 Peaceful Knights


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #25 Peaceful Knights

Type: Capture knight modifier

Condition: Can not be started with another capture knight modifier event. At least 1 knight for each player

Knights can not be captured or capture pieces. Instead of making a normal move on their turn, a player must make a knight move followed by a non-knight move on their turn. When moving the knight, a player may make any non-capture knight move, even if it would result in being in check, checkmate or stalemate. If no knight move is legal, then only a non-knight move will be made.


Note: Since knights can not be captured they will never leave the board. Since knights can not capture pieces they can not deliver checks. Knights will be mostly useful for blocking enemy pieces.


Example 1:

Black to move. Whites knight does not threaten to capture blacks king, so black is not in check. Whites knight can not be captured, so gxf6 is not a legal move. Blacks knights can not capture, so Nxd4 is not a legal move. Black chooses to play

1...Ne3, Bc5

White plays 2.Ng8, Qxg7

Black plays 2...Ne5, Bd4

Black wants to move his knight away from e5 and then capture whites queen. White can not play Bxd8, Nf6 since white needs to move his knight first. Instead white plays.

3.Nf6, Qxh8#

No matter what black does, hes king will be captured next move, so he is checkmated. Black can not move his king to e7 since then white has Ng8, Bxe7. Blacks plan of moving his knight away from e5 and then capture whites queen did not work since white blocked it with Nf6.


Example 2:

In this position, white has no legal knight move, so he will only make a non-knight move. In this case white choose to play


Black did not want to move any of his knights, but he has to. If the knights have a legal move a knight move must be made. Black played 1...Nf4, Kd4 and eventually managed to win.


Example 3:

White plays 1.Nh7, g8=N. This is possible since white is allowed to put himself in check after the knight move.

Black plays 1...Ng4, a1=Q+

White plays 2.Ng7 =

White does not have any legal move, so the game ends in stalemate. This is possible since the knight move is allowed to be a move that puts yourself in stalemate. White had other legal moves, such as 2.N5f6, Kg7, but he did not want to play that.


Example 4:

This position on the other hand with white to move is not stalemate. White is allowed to put himself into check/checkmate when making the knight move, so the game can end with (for example) 1.Ng4#. After the knight move white has no legal non-knight move that does not leave himself in check and he is checked by an enemy piece. So it is a checkmate. Black wins by white checkmating himself.


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