Event #3 Save the king!

Event #3 Save the king!


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #3 Save the king!

Type: Royal modifier

Condition: Can not be started with another royal modifier event.

Switch places with the kings. A king is allowed to be left in check and cannot be checked/checkmated. A king can no longer capture pieces. If a player captures the enemy king, then instead of removing the king from the board the player that captured the king must place it on any empty square on the board. Whenever a king gets to that players first rank (1st rank for white, 8th rank for black), that players wins the game.


Example 1:

If this event gets started on move 1, this will be the position after the kings switch places. Note that both kings are allowed to be left in check and neither king is allowed to capture any pieces.

Example 2:

In this position white plays Rxe1 and chooses to put the black king on h1. Rxe1@h1

Black plays Qxe8 and chooses to put the white king on b8. Qxe8@b8

Example 3:

Black plays Kf8# since blacks king got back to the 8th rank, black wins.