Event #48 Force Fields

Event #48 Force Fields


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #48 Force Fields

Condition: At least 1 rook for each player.

Rooks create horizontal and vertical force fields. The force field starts from the rook to either the edge of the board or until it reaches a piece. The force field prevent enemy pieces to move over squares the force field is on. Jumpers (knights) are unaffected by force fields when jumping.

Example 1:

Whites rook create a force field on the squares a4, b4, c4, d1, d2, d3, d5, d6, d7, d8, e4, f4, g4 and h4.

Whites pieces are unaffected by force fields created by whites rook. Whites bishop can move like normal.

Blacks pieces however, can not move over the force field, so moves like Bc8, Bd3 or Bh3 are not legal. Still blacks bishop can move to the force field.

Black plays 1...Bd7

The force field created by whites rook is blocked by blacks bishop, so the force field do not cover the d7 or d8 square. Blacks bishop can move from d7 like normal, although he still can not play Bh3, since he can not move over the force field on g4.

White plays 2.Rxd7

Since the rook moved, the force field now comes from the new square occupied by whites rook (d7).

Example 2:

Whites knight can jump over enemy force fields (moves like normal).

Example 3:

White can not play Rd4, since d3 is covered by blacks force field, but white is allowed to play Rd3.

Black can not play Rd5, since d6 is covered by whites force field, but black is allowed to play Rd6.

Example 4:

Blacks forcefield covers the d8 square, so whites rook can not move over that square and black is not in check. Black plays 1...Rd1#

Blacks forcefield covers the b1 square, so white can not play Rxd1. Blacks forcefield also covers the d8 square, so white can not play Re8 (a white rook on e8 would create a forcefield on e1 to prevent the check). White is checkmated.

Example 5:

Blacks rook can not move over b1, so black can not play 0-0-0.


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