Event #64 Soul eater

Event #64 Soul eater


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #64 Soul eater

Condition: At least 1 king for each player.

Whenever a player capture an enemy piece that player keeps the captured piece as a soul (pieces captured before this event starts does not count).

As a move, a player may remove one of their souls and move their king with the same movement as the souls piece type. The king can not promote or leave the board or put a piece on top of itself when moving this way.


Note: The king is still royal and may not leave itself in check when moving like another piece.

Note 2: When moving like a pawn, the king can move 2 spaces forward on the first or second rank regardless if it has previously moved. However, when moving 2 spaces forward this way it is subject to en passant.

Example 1:

Black has a knight soul. Black removes a knight soul and plays Kxc7.

Example 2:

White has a pawn and a queen as souls. Black also has a pawn and a queen as souls. Black can not play Bxd6, since that would put black into check by the white king (Since whites king can move like a queen by using a queen soul).

Example 3:

White has a knight and a rook as souls. Black has a knight and a pawn as souls. Black is checkmated.

Example 4:

White has a pawn and a rook as souls. Black has no souls. White tries to remove his pawn soul and play Kf4. If black did not have a pawn on e4 this would be a legal move. However, since black has a pawn there he would be able to respond with exf3 (ep), so whites move is not legal. White takes back his move, including getting back the pawn as a soul and must make a different move with his king. White uses his rook soul and plays Kf4. This move is legal, since rooks can not be captured en passant.


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