Event #49 Flying Rooks

Event #49 Flying Rooks


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #49 Flying Rooks

Condition: At least 1 rook for each player.

Rooks can jump over pieces when they move. However, when jumping over a piece the rook can not make a capturing move. Castling still works as normal (the rook can not jump over pieces when castling).

Example 1:

Whites rook can jump over pieces, so for example Rc1, Rd1 or Rg1 are legal moves. However, white is not allowed to play 0-0-0 since the knight is standing in the way and the rook can not jump when performing castling.

Example 2:

White plays Rf8#. Whites rook can jump over pieces and it is not a capturing move, so the move is legal. Black can not respond with Rxf8, since the rook can not capture when jumping over pieces.

Note that if white would play Qf8+ instead it would not be checkmate. Black can capture with his king and whites rook does not check black since it can't capture when it jumps.


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