Event #68 Prince

Event #68 Prince


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #68 Prince

Type: Remove Check

Condition: At least 1 king for each player.

Both players chooses one of their pawns and keep the chosen pawn hidden to his opponent. Kings can not be checked/checkmated and kings can castle when being in check or by moving over a threatened square.

Whenever a players king gets captured the player that lost their king reveals their chosen pawn and replaces that pawn with a king of the same color. After a pawn has been replaced this way, the new king can get checked/checkmated.

If the chosen pawn has been removed from play before the king becomes captured (the pawn being either captured or promoted), then loosing the king results in loosing the game. However a player does not need to reveal when their chosen pawn gets captured and may still leave their king in check.

If replacing the pawn with a king would cause the player that moved to be in check (i.e. the king threatens to capture the enemy king), then the move must be taken back and a different move (with any piece) be made.

Example 1:

Black choose the pawn g7. White choose the pawn c2. White plays Bxf7. The move is not check since blacks king can not be checked.

Black plays Kxf7. This is allowed since he is allowed to leave his king under attack.

White plays Qxf7. Black reveals that his chosen pawn was g7 and the g7 pawn gets replaced with a king. Black is now in check (We can write this move as Qxf7K@g7+)

Black plays Kxf7 and the game continues with blacks king being vulnerable to checks, while whites king isn't (until whites king gets captured).


Example 2:

Black choose the pawn a7. White choose the pawn f3. Black plays 0-0-0. This is allowed, since black can castle through the attacked square on d8 and is allowed to leave his king under attack.

White plays Bxc8. Black reveals that a7 is his chosen pawn. Black is now in check by whites bishop on e3, so he has to deal with that check, so he cannot capture whites bishop on c8.

Example 3:

White chose his pawn on f4. Blacks pawn has previously been replaced by a king this game. So blacks king can be checked. Whites king can not. White plays Kb2.

Black plays Bxb2. White reveals that his chosen pawn was f4. Replacing the pawn on f4 with a king would result in black being in check. Therefore blacks move Bxb2 is not legal. Black must take back the move and make a different move (with any piece).


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