Event #83 Smaller Board

Event #83 Smaller Board


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #83 Smaller Board

Type: Board modifier

Conditions: At least 2 empty squares on each rank. Can not be started with another board modifier event.

Pieces on the a-file move one step towards the h-file. If any pieces stand in the way that piece will also move one step towards the h-file. Pieces on the h-file will move towards the a-file in the same way. For the rest of the game the a- and h-file are treated as if they do not exist. No pieces can move to the a- or h-file; b- and g-file are treated as edges of the board.

Example 1:

If the event is supposed to start in the position above, then it can not. It is a requirement that each rank has 2 empty squares. The 8th rank has only one empty square. Start a new event instead.

Example 2:

If the position above is the position where the event start, then the position will change to the one below:

No pieces can move to the a- or h-file for the rest of the game.


Bad_Dobby_Fischer - gyrados06 #10