Event #74 Army Movement

Event #74 Army Movement


This is an event that is part of a variant called event chess. More about event chess can be read here.

Event #74 Army Movement

Condition: None

Pieces standing in a 2x2 area can move during the same turn, but must move the same amount of squares in the same direction when doing so. If either piece can't move there, then the move is not legal. Only the pieces a player wants to move needs to be moved from the 2x2 area, not all of them. The 2x2 area can be anywhere on the board (the player making each move decides).

Multi-moves, such as castling can not be part of army movement.

Example 1:

Whites d2 pawn, e2 pawn, queen and king is standing in a 2x2 area, so they could potentially move during the same turn. The following examples of moves are from the position above.

Since all of the 4 pieces have a legal move of 1 space forward, they can all move 1 space forward.


White could also choose to move fewer of the pieces in the same direction.


Since 3 of the pieces can move forward 2 spaces. 1.d4, e4, Qd3 is also a legal move (but white can not play Ke3 since the king can not move there).

Likewise, white can play 1.Kf1, Qe1

Example 2:

Here white can play 1.exf3,Qe2,Kf2 (or just 1.exf3, Qe2 or only 1.exf3), but the pawn on d2 can not move to e3, so it can not join the army movement.

Example 3:

Blacks last move was f5. Whites pawns are standing in a 2x2 area, so white can play 1.e6,e5, but white can not play 1.exf6,exf5 since after the first capture exf6, then exf5 is no longer a legal move.

Example 4:

Here white can not play 1.Qb2, 0-0-0 or 1.Qf3, 0-0. The king and queen are standing in a 2x2 area and is moving the same amount of squares, but castling can not be a part of army movement.

Example 5:

Similar to the last example, here white can not play 1.Rf2, 0-0


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